GUG Treasure Hunters: The Avengers

Everyone is getting excited about the upcoming film, The Avengers: Age of Ultron, and the Geeks Under Grace Treasure Hunters have tracked down the best Avengers gear from around the web to help you prepare to show your love of the franchise! You don’t want to walk into that movie theater and look like all of those other people who are watching the movie just because it is a blockbuster, do you? You have been a fan of The Avengers long before they made their MCU debut, after all! You need to be set apart! Grab a few of these goodies and show those casual fans you know your stuff!
With the movie fast-approaching, you’ll want to order soon to allow for shipping time. Not to mention that you may be competing with others that are thinking the same thing you are, and quantities could become a problem. Get your order in to ensure you don’t miss out on one of these gems.

“You Are The Hero” Shirts

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Wear one of these shirts to show which character you are there to watch. These shirts scream, “I’m a Hulk fan!” or “I’m with Cap!”


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Any of these stylish accessories would make a nice addition to your collection at home or on your desk at work. Watch out for those horns when you’re sipping your coffee though. (OUCH!)


If you want a shirt to show your love for the heroes, but don’t necessarily want to look like one, you can grab one of these beauties. The stylish watch or the snazzy hat with the ominous Ultron face in the background make nice additions to any Avengers collection as well.



What desk wouldn’t look better with a glowing Arc Reactor (or a LEGO Avengers battle scene you built with your child) on it? This kit is a great way to spend time with your kids, build something with them, and teach them that there is a reward for working to create something. (Or you can keep the fun to yourself.)

Loki Hoodie


The popularity of the villain from the first movie is undeniable. You can show your affection for Tom Hiddleston’s character by donning this hoodie, complete with horns!

Mjolnir & 24 Inch Metal Captain America Shield

Your dreams of having a full-size, metal Captain America shield or Mjolnir (with inscription included) can finally be realized! Wear this on your wall or into theaters (with approval of course) to feel like America’s Hero or the god of Thunder himself.


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Whether you need to learn more about the Avengers to fully enjoy the film, or you just want to read and watch some material to build your anticipation for the film, reading the history of the Avengers or watching any of the cartoons or movie is a good idea.


So now that you know the best of the best of Avengers merch on the market, get yourself a little something and let that excitement for the upcoming film swell. Whether you’re a newcomer to the Avengers fandom or a seasoned veteran, this list of merchandise will allow you to walk into theaters the night of the premiere knowing that: (1) you know your stuff when it comes to the Avengers franchise, and (2) you look good!

GUG Treasure Hunters

Lari and Shawn are geeks that love to scour the interwebs for the greatest merchandise for their favorite games, shows, movies, and other fandoms. Now they are collecting these treasures and giving you their treasure maps!


  1. Chris Thieblot on April 17, 2015 at 5:31 pm

    That Mjolnir and Shield *.*

  2. Maurice Pogue on April 13, 2015 at 10:22 pm

    That Lego Hulk Buster is $20 more than the Hydra Showdown…for 28 additional pieces.


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