Apple iWatch to Launch as soon as October

A recent report from Reuters suggests that the much-hyped Apple Smartwatch device, affectionately dubbed the”iWatch” by Apple faithfuls, may be available as soon as October this year.

The report suggests the device will contain a 2.5″ screen, with a slight curve to it. Additionally, it is reported that the product will allow for wireless charging. LG is said to be providing the screen, while Heptagon will likely be providing some sort of imaging sensor. It is also expected to enable pulse measurements and health tracking of the wearer.

Production is expected to start in July, and Apple is expecting to move 50 million units within the first year, though these numbers are subject to change.

Multiple other smartwatch devices have already beaten Apple to market, including the Pebble Smartwatch and the Samsung Galaxy Gear. I, personally, have had hands-on experience with both devices and haven’t found myself 100% pleased with the performance or feel of either.

I have high hopes for the iWatch, even though I am not an Apple faithful and love the Android experience. I expect the official announcement of the iWatch to shed more light on the wearable technology market-space, allowing for more competition and selection to enter the marketplace down the road. The introduction of the Moto 360 Smartwatch later this year will hopefully have the same effect on the market.

Robert Butler

Robert is a lover of television and film with an affinity towards the production side of the business. Robert is studying film and photography in college and upon graduation plans to enter the industry on the back end, creating some of your favorite television programs and movies.


  1. Shawn Bain on June 20, 2014 at 2:54 am

    The iWatch looks great. I was going to get The Pebble, since that is pretty much what I am limited to as an iPhone user, but I am glad I held out for this guy.

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