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First Impressions: Five Nights at Freddy’s 4

I never played through any of the previous Five Nights at Freddy’s (FNAF) games before, but I spend hours on YouTube and Twitch watching them being played. The entertainment value of watching gamers scream whenever a jump scare would occur is incredibly sadistic and enjoyable at the same time.
Scott CawthoFNAF4 openingn did not originally intend to make a horror game, but the creepiness of his animated animals in past games spurned an idea to make a game quite terrifying without being bloody. He has simply mastered the suspense and terror of being alone without much help or guidance which all equals exactly what gamers have come to love and respect with his games.
Initially expected to release in October, then moved forward to August, Scott surprised everyone by releasing the game abruptly today, July 23rd. To the delight of fans, and the urgency of reviewers and streamers alike, Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 does not disappoint.
The setting has now been moved from an ominous pizza establishment to the most frightening of all places, a child’s bedroom. There are no switches or cameras to manipulate; it’s simply a flashlight and three doors. As you hover your mouse over the area you want to inspect,you are left with  the option of closing
FNAFroom the door or shining your flashlight into the abyss before you. Players can also choose to turn around and check the bed behind them.
I have only succeeded to reach Night 2, and approximately 3 AM before I am defeated by the notorious animatronic figures fans have come to know and fear. The first night was relatively easy once you figure out the formula, but it appears each night brings with it tougher scenarios and varying bad guys.
I have yet to figure out the indications of when a baddie is going to attack, though some have said you can catch on to indicators such as certain sounds and lights flashing before your impending doom. As with most FNAF games, it’s a hit or miss situation until more guides come out with hints and tips to be successful.
The graphics in this iteration are much improved and the scares are just as good as before. In fact, I have never screamed as much during any game or movie than I have with FNAF 4. As we become more successful into completing this fantastic jump-scare-horror game we will update the Geeks Under Grace with a full review.
In the meantime, watch this video of my son playing FNAF for the first time, and screaming like a stereotypical “scream queen” for your entertainment.
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By Drew Koehler

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