Eternal Edge + (Preview)


Eternal Edge + is the upcoming edition of last year’s Action/RPG Eternal Edge by Righteous Weasel games. The game is currently in alpha and looking to be released sometime later this year (2019). The copy I was provided is a demo, whereas not all of the game is unlocked. I should also note that prior to this game preview, I have not played the original game.


The premise of the Eternal Edge + demo is simple. You are Cross, and your wife Evelyn is in a deep deep sleep. It is up to you to bring her back to consciousness by destroying three cursed orbs. Completing quests and participating in events scattered all over the Fractured Kingdom helps you meet your objective.



Eternal Edge + is an open-world RPG and you are free to tackle quests whenever you want, and in whatever order you choose. Some quests, however, you will find to be more difficult unless you level up to the enemies in that area. There is the main quest to tackle along with a variety of side quests and events. Events in the game are simple quests that normally have a single objective. Events can be done again if you fail, but you must wait for a cooldown timer to expire.

For your daily grind, there are a variety of nicely drawn enemies for you to fight. Each enemy has a different amount of XP for you to earn, so it may be tempting to fight the tougher ones off the bat. However, if the going gets tough, it may be wise to back down and grind through the lower level enemies which can be done through exploration or the games’ events.

The combat is very simple; you have a sword and shield and can block, attack, or dodge freely. There are also a few items you can obtain throughout your quest, such as bombs, that you can assign slots to. While the combat may not be as complicated as in other similar RPG’s, it is still fun and gets the job done quite nicely. The game in the beginning recommends using a controller (which I did) but you have to figure out the buttons for yourself, because I couldn’t find a way to configure the controls.

Eternal Edge + also has weapon mechanics similar to its inspiration, Breath of the Wild. Your weapons and shields have durability, so never think of any pickup as permanent. Your equipment will break a lot and this becomes tedious.

Graphics + Sound

The graphics in the game are their own unique style. They draw from the cell-shaded likes of Wind Waker, but with their own added charm. Eternal Edge + may not be the most picturesque game, but from the areas I was able to explore in the demo, the scenery is visually appealing to the eye. This is a  step-up from last year’s title which was all pixelated graphics.

With Eternal Edge +  being in Alpha, I came in not expecting to swoon over the game’s sounds. The ambiance is there and the soundtrack sounds beautiful so far, but you can tell when the noise loops and you don’t hear too much sound going on at once.

Overall Experience


So far with my experience in Eternal Edge +, I can say that I do enjoy it. It is definitely a charming take on modern open world RPGs that wanted to be Breath of the Wild without quite being Breath of the Wild. This doesn’t mean that Eternal Edge +isn’t good in its own way, but it is definitely a title worth keeping an eye on for when it does eventually release. I especially think it will be a great edition for the handheld market on the Nintendo Switch.


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