Review: Trine 2 Complete Story

Trine 2 Complete Story is a beautiful, puzzle-platformer masterpiece that incorporates multiplayer and problem-solving in a very unique and fun way.

You can play as a Thief, a Wizard or a Knight, each with their own unique capabilities.

Amadeus the Wizard is able to lift objects with his powers and create object out of thin air.

Zoya the Thief can shoot an arrow or grapple onto platforms.

Pontius the Knight can slash with his sword, or hammer, or block with his shield.

Every level is gorgeously crafted with bright visuals and physics that bring this story to life.  Though the beginning levels are relatively easy, introducing you to the mechanics of the game, the later levels get progressively harder.The_Lost_Vikings_SNES_cover

You can manipulate objects, water, and gravity to press on in your quest to discover where the sacred Trine is leading you.

I really enjoy picking up my controller and playing a short amount of this game at a time. Though long playthroughs can feel monotonous, and sometimes taking a rest can help you to get your brain in the right place to solve some of the harder puzzles.  Trine 2 Complete Story reminds me a lot of the retro game The Lost Vikings as I was trying to solve certain puzzles. The nostalgia is certainly there in the way the game plays.


[blockquote cite=”Drew Koehler”] “A beautiful, puzzle-platformer masterpiece.”[/blockquote]

The voice-over acting is great. It has a wonderful, “fantasy” feel, as if I am watching a storybook unfold in front of me. In fact, during the loading screens, the hero’s story is being told as a fairy tale.  The narrator will also help give you tips if you get stuck for too long at any certain point.

I did not review the multiplayer feature, but I do know you can play with your friends and they can control one of the three heroes to make for a fun multiplayer experience.

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