Review: The Lego Movie Videogame (Wii U)

I remember the Lego Movie fondly. While viewing in the theater, I felt it was a solid film but a bit over-hyped in my mind. I had expected more due to all the excitement and praise it received. Now all this time later, I play the game that follows the movie’s plot and wow… This movie was better than I recall. But how is the game?
Content Warning: Super clean. Just kiddy Lego violence.



The Lego Movie Videogame (say that five times fast) follows the movie’s plot line exactly. Usually this spells doom on a videogame, but here it is used perfectly. Heck, there are even cut scenes from the film! I would say there is a solid twenty-five to thirty minutes of the movie in the game.
I highly recommend watching the film before playing this as the game becomes much more enjoyable that way. There is a lot of new dialogue by the actual voice actors. Man, is it good. Green Lantern is still the best, but everyone else had lots of new jokes to keep me laughing too.



If you have played any Lego videogame before this one, then you probably have a good idea of how the gameplay works. If you have yet to dive into this fun franchise then let me explain.
There are hub worlds that you start in where you are a Lego character. You start in Bricksburg and travel to other places from the film like Cloud Cuckoo Land and Octan Tower. In these hub towns are secrets, new characters to unlock, and lots of studs. Also, from the hub towns, you can access the fifteen different levels.
The levels consist of all the major plot points and areas from the film. You will do a lot of platforming, simplistic fighting, some puzzle solving, and collect more studs. Each level presents something different. From playing as a mech to 2D platforming underwater.
None of the main characters have the same move set as they are all unique. Emmet can drill through cracks, Virtruvious is not scared of crossing over fire and pits, Wyldestyle can jump high and be acrobatic, etc. etc. This makes playing as all the characters fun. My personal favorite was Wyldestyle as she was the most useful throughout the game.
In one of the final levels you get to play as Superman and Green Lantern… If you recall the film then you can only imagine the hilarity that ensues from their relationship dynamics. Also, playing as them is different as each of them can fly.
There is not much negative I can say except that the studs seem to be never-ending in the hub worlds. They respawn after a certain amount of time and if you are OCD like me then this becomes a pain in the butt. It took me about eleven hours to beat the main game and even then the game said I had only completed 29.8% of it.
Also, I did not have a second person to play with. However, you can have a friend or family member jump in and play with you anytime. This makes playing any Lego game a tad easier and far more enjoyable. Just make sure they keep quiet during the cut scenes.


Graphics and Sound

The game looks almost like the film and that is saying something as the film dazzled with its imagery. When you watch the cut scenes, you appreciate how well shot and animated the film really is.
By the end of the game, I grew a bit tired of the Bricksburg hub theme. It was not good the first time I heard it, and no, it did not grow on me. On the other hand, “Everything Is Awesome!” and never gets old!


Overall, this is one of the best Lego games I have played. For the kids, I recommend to purchase the game as it can be played over and over. For us adults, just stick to renting or borrowing it as you can beat the entire story in ten or so hours. I still would not recommend it unless you have seen the film, and it is not the best Lego game as that honor goes to Lego City Undercover.


Reviewed on Wii U.

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