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I typically do the N64 retro reviews here on Cross Console Gamers. However, one game peaked my interest on the next gen systems that I just had to try. That game is Flower. It was released to PS3 a few years ago (2009) but was ported by Bluepoint Games to PS4. Flower was originally created by thatgamecompany who also has created Flow and Journey. Flower now runs at 1080p and 60 frames per second on PS4, which was not the case on PS3.
Flower is a unique experience although it is a short one. It is 6 levels which took me roughly an hour and a half to complete. That is really the only negative to the game in my opinion. It is a beautifully crafted, zen like, game that has gorgeous colors mixed with interesting music. Flower is not a game with a time limit nor does it have any enemies in it. An experience is truly what it is. You start each level as a single petal from a flower which you then control by using the left joystick and the six axis on your controller. Despite starting as a single petal, you quickly start gathering petals from other flowers by flying over them which causes them to bloom. All the while you are bringing color to a landscape that gets more and more vibrant from everything you do.
Each level is unique in it’s own way. Flying over petals makes music and brings color to the grass and hills. The first couple of levels seem innocent enough until you reach level 4 where everything starts coming together. By the end of the game a story has been told without a single word being spoken, and yet you still feel satisfied. It leaves a strong impression and anyone who is a completionist will want to play through it again to try and gather every single petal.
The music is superb and demands a sound track. It plays in the background and every time you fly over a flower or a group of flowers you only add to the ear candy. The graphics are also gorgeous, even in comparison to the already good looking PS3 and PS Vita versions. My only gripe was that anything that wasn’t nature seemed to lack detail but, that seems to be the developers choice.
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