Review: Far Cry 4 (Xbox One)

Content Warning:

Language: Swearing during shooting scenes

Violence: Lots of killing and animal hunting, some torture 

Sexual content: Nudity and adult language and conversation. The nudity is not throughout the entire game though it is in an unavoidable scene. Women’s breast are exposed and a very brief pan over male genitals.

Those familiar with the Far Cry series will get exactly what they have come to love about the franchise in this fourth installment’s more expansive world. Those that aren’t familiar need to know that the premise of most of the Far Cry games is that you are just a “nobody” who goes to an island and gets caught up in a situation that seems perilous and impossible. You end up finding out that, somehow, you are connected to what is happening and have to save the day.


Far Cry 4 is a first-person shooter that takes place on the fictional island Kyrat. You play as Ajay, a reluctant hero who comes to the island to spread the ashes of his mother who fled from it many years ago. Ajay is deeply connected to Kyrat, and the legend of his father is known throughout the island. Ajay first meets Pagan Min, who is for all intents and purposes the bad guy/dictator of the island. He is a bad dude and must be stopped. Ajay is recruited by the locals who are attempting to take back Kyrat from Pagan Min.

The history of Kyrat is deep and very fascinating. As you explore the island, you uncover vast amounts of data that provide background to the events of the game, as well as foreshadowing as to where the plot is headed. As with all of the previous Far Cry games, the story is effectively told and the voice acting is outstanding. You feel like you are a part of the world and want to uncover the truths of Kyrat.


The world is absolutely breathtaking. The mountains and plains are beautiful and very realistic. Far Cry is known for its foliage animations and realism. The environments are just stunning, and Far Cry 4 takes full advantage of this generation’s hardware. The soundtrack is similar to one from an epic movie. Environmental noises make you feel as if you are in the wilderness or near a stream.


The option for co-op play is available on all platforms, and, on the PS4, you can invite a friend to play even if they don’t have the game. The only issue I have had is that, when you start the game,  if you choose to play in the online (as opposed to offline) mode and lose your internet connection for any reason, then the game will back you out to the main menu; for this reason, I recommend not checking that feature unless you intend to play with someone.


There are an abundance of things to do in this game. As a completionist, I found myself getting so sidetracked attempting to do sidequests that I lost track of what I was originally doing in the game. I have spend almost 100 hours roaming around the island of Kyrat, hunting for animals, overthrowing outposts, destroying propaganda hubs, and so much more. For those who are like me, Far Cry 4 promises hundreds of hours of gameplay. The weapons are familiar, and the handling is identical to Far Cry 3. You can upgrade weapons and accessories by unlocking and/or buying new ones at the store. You can customize the look of your weapons as well. There are grenades, mines, and C4 and molotov cocktails. The familiar bow and arrow is also available and is my personal favorite weapon to use. The vehicles in the game range from ATVs to trucks, and the gyrocopter makes its debut, allowing you to traverse via the air.

Bottom Line

Far Cry is a game that you can start up and play for both a short amount of time and for long, gaming sessions. There is just absolutely so much to do in the game. If you are looking for an open-world game from an FPS perspective and have yet to try the Far Cry series, you definitely need to check this game out.

I reviewed Far Cry 4 on the Xbox One.

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The Bottom Line



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