Retro Review: Lego Star Wars (GameCube)

Content Warning: Lego’s shoot lasers and swing light sabers causing other Lego’s to fall apart when destroyed. Other than that it is squeaky clean.
It is crazy to think that the Lego games that we know and love today, all kicked off in 2005. There were many Lego games before this but, Lego Star Wars was the first to become popular and a best seller. Now we have countless Lego games ranging from Marvel characters, to Pirates of the Caribbean, to Harry Potter, and even Batman. Lego Star Wars spawned two sequels but, I am reviewing the original on consoles. This game was also on PC however, from what I understand, it was a major bump in graphics.
The story of the first three films is pretty much skimmed over as there are no voice overs or even text boxes to read. The game pretty much assumes that you have seen the films and just goes from one action scene to the next. For me and most people this is fine but, if you have yet to see the films then expect to have no idea what is going on.
Lego Star Wars is a pretty straight forward affair, albeit a fun one. While the difficulty is notoriously easy due to it being tailored for kids, the gameplay is loads of fun for any Star Wars fan. You can now play through the prequel trilogy of Star Wars movies yet you skip all of the boring politics and talking. Pretty much you play the six best action scenes from each film as two characters that the game has for you (they match who was in that same scene in the movies). While playing the story is fun all in itself, what is even more fun is going back and playing the same sections with unlocked characters. Ripping through droids as Darth Maul and pretty much any character you can think of from the movies. You don’t always get to swing the light saber however. There are many times you will play as Padme or another blaster wielding character that can’t block enemy lasers but can destroy them from afar. Playing as a Jedi/Sith Lord is fun but, I must admit that Padme was a blast as well. Each character has their own special ability too. Jedi/Sith Lords can use the force on a large range of objects and enemies, blaster characters can get up to higher locations using their grappling hooks, and droids can access rooms that no one else can. My only complaint is that Droidekas are nearly worthless. Every time you want to move them at all, their shields go down. I understand they roll everywhere but, why can’t they pivot within the shield? If you are a gamer who loves to collect things to unlock even better in game stuff then you will thoroughly enjoy Lego Star Wars. There are pieces of Lego’s EVERYWHERE to collect. The more you collect then the more characters and cheats you can unlock. One normal play through got me around seventy percent of the characters but I could not afford the more expensive ones (like General Grievous). Also, this game is made for co-op. A second player can drop in or out anytime and help you with your journey. It is pretty neat and while the computer is competent, there is nothing like a buddy to play with. Lastly, Yoda is easily the coolest character to play as. Without his light saber activated, he is an old Jedi who walks really slowly with a cane and needs to ride on a hovering seat to get anywhere at a decent speed. But once that light saber is activated… Yoda becomes a crazy Jedi master who only moves by flipping wildly everywhere and is near impossible to be hit by a droid. He is by far the coolest character aside from Darth Maul.
Graphics and Sound
Lego Star Wars will not dazzle you with its graphical prowess. In fact, the only reason the game still looks decent is due to the games art style which is of course, all legos. Nothing stands out as bad however, nothing will amaze you either. The soundtrack is ripped straight from the movies and it is as wonderful as ever. Hearing John Williams’ classic score playing while you destroy Lego droids and use the force to manipulate objects really gives this game a nostalgia kick. Nothing is held back as the PS2, Xbox, and GameCube versions all had the highest quality put into them.
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If you enjoy any of the Lego games or enjoy Star Wars then I recommend this game on any of the consoles as it is an enjoyable romp through the first three films. Best part for me was that no one talks. It was all of the action with none of the politics.

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