CCG Impressions: The Crew Beta (PS4)


So … I got The Crew beta for PS4. Here are my first impressions of this racing game.

Content Warning: Death; Illegal Racing; Language.


I am actually amazed that the beta drops you in at the beginning of the game and shows you a sizable chunk of the story. You play as Alex. Alex’s brother, Dayton, is the V8 (leader) of the car gang The 5-10s. A deal goes south, and Alex sees his brother gunned down in front of him.

To make matters worse, a FBI officer frames Alex for the murder.

After some time in prison Alex FBI agent Zoe approaches him. She believes the FBI agent who framed Alex is working with the guy who killed his brother–and now they run the 5-10s. The FBI is willing to let Alex go if he joins the 5-10s and help take down their leader and the corrupt FBI agent. It is all very the Fast and the Furious. But it is one of the best racing game stories I have come across.




This is the first racing game I have played that even comes close to Burnout Paradise. The cars I have driven handle amazingly. They make you feel like you rock at driving. Unlike Burnout, you can tune your car’s specs and modify the appearance. You can buy new cars and change them also.

Once you get past the whole beginning story, you are tasked with getting noticed by the local 5-10 leader. After you get in with him, he commands you to start doing missions. The one I played in the beta was to deliver a really expensive sports car without damaging it too much within a time limit. You get ranked gold, silver and bronze based on how little damage you do to the vehicle by the time you get it delivered. From what I noticed, there are also take down missions and racing missions.

Some of the missions will require you to team up with others online. I have not gotten into this yet, but from the video I see online, they look to be a lot of fun. While you drive around you can take on certain challenges that task you with beating another online player’s time for completing things like a slalom course. This is fun and keeps you engaged while driving long distances.




Even in beta The Crew looks amazing. Its cars and environments look awesome, but I am most impressed with the character models in the cut scenes. They look just as good as games like The Last of Us–and this is a racing game. You spend 99% of your time looking at the back of the car or dash (if that is how you drive). That is incredible. I hope the full game has as much polish as the beta.



The Crew looks to be shaping up to be the best racing game on this new generation of consoles. If the full retail game is as good as the beta, The Crew will definitely be a game to pick up this holiday season.


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