Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Multiplayer Trailer Impressions

Note: All info and images are courtesy of Activision.

Call of Duty fans around the world have anticipated this very moment- the moment that Activision revealed the multiplayer portion of Advanced Warfare. Millions of players play Call of Duty, and I am proud to be a part of that community of die hards.

I was really looking forward to the reveal of the new multiplayer because it seems to me that this Call of Duty has a lot of potential. I didn’t really like Ghost and I even regret getting it. Advanced Warfare looks to break the Call of Duty formula that has been in place since the original Modern Warfare.

A lot of players have seen the multiplayer reveal with mixed reactions. Some say it is just like Titanfall, Halo, and Crysis  because of the similarities they see with those games. I can see those similarities as well, but ignoring some of the things they have taken from it. I think it will be a really great game.

I watched the Twitch livestream event the other day and Sledgehammer Games, who developed Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, talked about the multiplayer in a lot of detail. I am going to tell you about the info they passed on, as I am sure some of you missed the live stream.


Exo Movement:

Every soldier in the multiplayer will have unlimited double jump and dash abilities. However, they can also have some extra abilities.

  • Exo Shield- A quick deployable shield that is attached to your exo’s arm
  • Exo Overclock- Increased footspeed
  • Exo Stim- Temporary health regeneration beyond normal levels
  • Exo Cloak- Short duration of visual concealment
  • Exo Hover- Short duration of hovering in place
  • Exo Ping- Shows enemy movements and weapon fire in the HUD
  • Exo Trophy System- Destroys incoming enemy, lethal or tactical


Customize your own character in game. This is similar to Ghosts customization but now with more options. You can customize eye wear, tops, gloves, kneeguards, boots, and Exos. It is like barbies for men.

Virtual Firing Range:

Ever get bored waiting for another game to start? While waiting in the lobby, you can now jump into a virtual firing range with no load time while you wait for the next match to start.

CoD AW_Ascend_Boost

Co-op Score Streaks:

Some score streaks will have an option to have a second player to assist them. You join the other person’s “Warbird,” which is like the chopper gunner score streak. You will both be in the “Warbird” scorestreak, taking out the enemy. One example in the multiplayer livestream event was when two people were on a score streak called “Warbird”. This is perfect example with those players that may not always get the chance to experience the high end of score streaks. I sometimes don’t get really high scoring score streaks so I think this is a good idea.

New Weapon Class:

The high tech nature of 2054 is coming to multiplayer and there is no better example than the directed energy weapons. The new Heavy Weapons class includes directed energy weapons like the EM1 and the EMPm2. These new weapons use the power of a weaponized  energy to overcome enemies. This class of weapon doesn’t rely on reloads, but instead they are know to overheat after too much activity.”

New Game modes:

Uplink– The object is to secure the “Drone” (a ball like device) and reach the uplink state which is a big glowing sphere at the opposite ends of the map. Boost into the sphere and get 2 points or throw the Drone into the sphere to earn 1 point. It is also noted that you can pass the ball to your teammates. You can also throw the ball at the enemy and they will be disabled from shooting you since they have the ball in their hands. You can then take them out that way as well.

Momentum– Advanced Warfare is bringing back the the “War” game mode that originally only appeared in World at War. Momentum is Call of Duty version of tug of war. Five consecutive capture points exist on the map, but only one is active at a time. The more kills and captures your team gets, the faster you are able to capture additional points. Once the other team captures on you, the momentum meter gets reset. So your team needs to be at its best the entire match.

Hardpoint– The fan favorite game mode from Black ops 2 is coming back to Advanced Warfare.

CoD AW_Riot_Jailbreak

Pick 13:

The Create-A-Class system that was introduced in Black ops 2 is coming back, but you have 3 more options to choose from. Score streaks are now apart of the Pick 13 system. You can also add a 4th score streak but only if you use a wildcard to do so.

Upgrade Score Streaks: 

Every score streak is available to upgrade and to become powerful but it comes with a cost. The stronger you make it, the more points it will take to earn to get it. You will need to choose wisely according to how good you are and your play style.

Supply Drops:

This known as also a random loot. It reminds me of the battlepacks from Battlefield 4 . They are earned from in game challenges that you complete. The supply drops inside have 1-3 items at random they give you. Each item is either a common, good, or rare item. Supply drops consists of special gun combinations that include rare camos and rare gun designs. Players gear like helmets, exo’s, vest,etc. In game reinforcements or enhancements that are very similar to Titanfall burn cards. All items you earn from the supply drops are saved in “The Armory” which is a vault that is able to contain up to 84 items.

CoD AW_Biolab_3 on 1

I hope this game lives up to my expectations. This game also reminds me a lot like Black Ops 2 but with boost jumps and dashing. I loved Black Ops 2 and I’m looking forward to this next Call of Duty. Leave your thoughts below on if you’ll be getting this or not. How To Lower Ping Xbox And Fix Lag On Xbox, Xbox Ping might be helpful for you.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will be available November 4th for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC.

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