Batman: Arkham Knight Release Date Revealed


The final installment of the Arkham video game series (that was slated to release next month) was pushed back to a 2015 release date. [1] Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Rocksteady Studios have now announced plans to release the game June 2, 2015. [2] Fans of the successful series have been anxiously waiting to hear this news, ever since the game was pushed back in June. While it would have been better to hear that the game was still releasing in 2014, it’s nice to know that we won’t have to wait until the 2015 holiday season.

Fans have good reason to get excited about the new game. There are some small changes, from being able to use the grapnel to change direction while gliding, to using a new Batarang to survey the area. [3] [4] The most exciting addition, though, is being able to drive the infamous Batmobile. Being able to switch from driving mode into a practical tank in battle mode will give players the experience they would expect from the Dark Knight’s car. Without any spoilers, it’ll help give gamers the edge they need when they confront the challenges that Scarecrow and his gang have in store for Gotham.

This five minute Batmobile gameplay trailer gives us a small glimpse into the changes made to the gliding system… and enough battle mode footage to make our inner fanboy (or fangirl) squeal.

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