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The Gift of Death: The Good Place, Star Trek: Picard, The Silmarillion, and the Holy Bible

By GUG Contributor | September 10, 2022

“What is the meaning of life?” is a big question that leads to another: “What is the meaning of death?”

Brief Thoughts on The Word on Fire Catholic Bible

By Tyler Hummel | June 7, 2022

Word on Fire’s ongoing project is a multi-volume commentary Bible that goes through the entire text of the scriptures and offers useful commentary from dozens of prominent Catholic thinkers.

Overcoming the Blank Page

By Thomas White | March 15, 2022

GUG writer Thomas White offers ideas on how to break through the horror of writer’s block, whether for essays, articles, or personal work.

Comics & Graphic Novels

Book Banning in my Old Backyard

By Courtney Floyd | October 6, 2023
"Let Freedom Read"

Our Books Department editor explores what it’s like to be a librarian celebrating intellectual freedom while her hometown bans books.

Review – God Country

By Nathan Kiehn | August 29, 2023

This Image Comic series tells a moving tale which combines the struggle of caring for an aging parent with mythical mayhem.

Review – Danny Phantom: A Glitch In Time

By Tyler Hummel | August 22, 2023

The Nickelodeon fan-favorite character returns for a new graphic novel adventure!


Idol with stars in her eyes sings and smiles

Review — Oshi no Ko (Vol. 1 & Episode 1)

By Courtney Floyd | April 25, 2023

Oshi no Ko is a popular anime of the Spring 2023 season, but how does the story hold up in both its original and adapted forms?

Boy in red and red motorcycle

Review – Akira

By David Koury | November 11, 2022

Forty years after the influential manga’s release, we examine if it still deserves its status. Check out our review to see the conclusion.

Review – Demon Slayer series

By Courtney Floyd | October 12, 2021

Demon Slayer appears to be standard shonen fare, but it is much more. Tanjiro’s search for a cure for demons keeps readers on their toes.


Green background, woman running toward castle

Review – Elantris

By David Koury | November 8, 2023

Elantris is Brandon Sanderson’s debut novel, and one of the Cosmere’s earliest stories. Our review examines whether it’s worth reading.

Review — Verity

By Serena Bond | September 12, 2023

Colleen Hoover has gained popularity thanks to TikTok. Her suspense novel Verity is applauded as one of her best works. But, is it really?

Classic Review — The Horse and His Boy (1954)

By Tyler Hummel | August 1, 2023

The fifth published Narnia book explores some of the darkest themes in the saga.


Interview — Douglas Kaine McKelvey, Creator Of Every Moment Holy 

By Tyler Hummel | October 25, 2023

The popular liturgical devotional has sold 350,000 copies in six years.

Review – The Biblical Trinity

By Tyler Hummel | August 18, 2023

A new book explores the basics of Christian teachings on the Trinity in scripture.

A Brief Introduction To The Church Fathers

By Tyler Hummel | July 4, 2023

Two new books from last year highlight the philosophical background of early Christianity.


Classic Review — The Horse and His Boy (1954)

By Tyler Hummel | August 1, 2023

The fifth published Narnia book explores some of the darkest themes in the saga.

Classic Review: The Man Born To Be King (1942)

By Tyler Hummel | April 7, 2023

The Man Who Would Be King is an accessible work that puts the complex life and theology of Christ into the words of normal people.

Classic Review — The Consolation of Philosophy (523AD)

By Tyler Hummel | February 14, 2023

The 6th century Roman philosopher explores how philosophy can lead us towards Christ.