Weathering the Storms of Life

Being a native New Englander for nearly three decades, you’d think that I’d have gotten used to the snow by now. You might say that, like Elsa, “the cold never bothered me, anyway.” True, these frosty temperatures don’t faze me too much, and I do consider the lower 40’s to be tee-shirt weather around this time of year, but in all of my years in the northeast, I have never much cared for snow.

We have been getting quite a bit of it up here, and it seems the rest of the country has been enduring unseasonably chilly conditions as well. Seeing as how it’s only a couple of weeks into winter, I shudder to think of what the Groundhog’s reaction will have in store for us when he emerges from his little home early in February…

Every time the forecast projects more than an inch of snow, it takes every ounce of self-control not to flip a coffee table and curse out the meteorologist, as if it were his or her fault my weekend plans were being thwarted by nearly a foot of the white stuff. But of course it’s not up to the local weather reporter (nor a small, earth-dwelling creature, for that matter) whether (pun not intended) or not what comes out of the clouds permits me to travel to my friends’ new homestead without the inconvenience of cleaning off and warming up my vehicle beforehand, all while trying to bundle up and buckle in a fussing 5-month-old. I can grumble all I want, but in the end, it’s all part of a more grand design.

In Jeremiah it says, “He hath made the Earth by His power; He hath established the world by His wisdom, and hath stretched out the heavens by His discretion.” (v. 51:15) God made the world and everything in it, and weather is a part of all of that. If it is God’s will that a blizzard should make its way through the six United States that sit below the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick and Quebec, like it does every winter, then it will be done. Storms are a reminder of just how powerful God is, and how merciful He is at the same time.

Weather can be brutal, as we have seen with the hurricanes this past summer. But no matter how strong the storm is, it will always pass. The same is true with trials in our lives. The storms of our day-to-day experiences will pass. We will see how powerful God’s influence is in our existence when we are going through hard times, and we will see his mercy when they are over. God will take the raging waves and command them to be quiet (Psalm 107:29), all in His timing.

There isn’t anything we can do to change the weather, and we shouldn’t be put out or feel personally inconvenienced by seasonal changes. 1 Peter 4:12 says, “Beloved, think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing has happened to you.” Peter communicates to the first century followers of Christ to expect to endure tribulation, and not to feel slighted when bad things happen to them. The same can be said about the weather–while it would be nice for it to be our favorite weather year-round, we know this is unrealistic.

The things that happen to us in our lives are like the weather–they can’t be sunshine and rainbows all of the time. Once in a while, there’s going to  be a little rain, or snow, or unpleasant heat wave, etc. Yes, it is normal to be disappointed, or heartbroken, or frightened, but we shouldn’t ever feel personally attacked or slighted. God has a reason for every season in our life.

Through it all, whether (again, pun not intended) it be a snowstorm or a hardship, when we call upon the Lord for strength, we can get through anything. For now, I’ll sip on my hot cocoa and count my blessings. God is good. Powerful, and good.

Melissa Ruiz

Old Millenial, Batman and Star Wars fan, Freelancer, New England Grrl, Mom, Christian, Geek.

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