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As a society we have become so reliant on others to teach our children in our place that we barely know the things they are being taught. Our churches have taken up the gauntlet to train our children in the bible, and they are just as exhausted as we say we are, pawning them off on the church. How often have you heard or complained yourself about the temperature of Christianity in our culture? How watered down it has become. How our kids go off and leave home, to fall away from their faith, as expected, becoming prodigal children?
I’m talking about our churches, the preaching and our youth groups. We drop our children off at the church, in the hands of a youth leader and say to ourselves “they are being taught biblical principals”. We take comfort in the idea that we are doing the right thing by them, but what are they really doing there? Have you talked to your kids after their night at youth group? Have you asked them about what they were learning? Better yet, are you prepared for follow up questions?
When the youth pastor is asked a hard question during the group and replies to the child to “have this conversation with your mom and dad at home” are you prepared to engage in this conversation. Do you as a parent know the qualifications of the person supervising and teaching your kids?
Children are spiritual beings, able to absorb and process matters of faith in an alarming way. Much better and sometimes much less jaded than adults who have to make decisions based on life matters and events. Just because children are learning basic functions and traits in school doesn’t mean they aren’t prepared to be challenged to wrestle with their spiritual thoughts and actions.
Instead of going to youth group and being challenged to live a life like Christ, they are being challenged to drink the most amount of soda the quickest. We think that just because we are holding our meetings in a church that somehow our kids will absorb biblical concepts through osmosis.
We aren’t reinforcing the values of the bible in our own homes. We think that going to church or youth group once or even twice a week is enough to keep them safe and strong in the faith. Our children will follow the ways of their parents. The bible is specific about this. Proverbs 22:6 tells us to train our children up in the way they should go, and when they are older, they will not depart from it. This means very simply that the way we live our lives, in and out of the home, are the ways we will train our children. Biblical or not.
Giving your kids a vitamin once every other month will do nothing to boost their immune system. They must take that vitamin daily to remain healthy. The same is to be said and practiced with living a life like Christ. We must live it out daily if we expect our own children to follow in that. We must set the example at home. We have no one to blame but ourselves if our children grow up to look just like us.

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