Update Your Set List: Resolutions For Better Serving

Now that the observation of our dear Savior’s birth has come and gone, and we’ve likely enjoyed many a confection at His birthday parties, those “New Year, New Me” posts will soon be flooding our social media newsfeeds. Soon the gyms will be full of New Year Resolvers working off that roast beast, intent on “losing those 10 pounds” or “getting them gainz.” I’ll be cheering them on from my couch in between feedings, cleaning, and projects.

While most New Year’s Resolutions can be a little played out, it’s really not a bad thing to set goals for ourselves. The “New Year, New Me” mindset, depending on the resolution it stems from, can be discouraging if we don’t see the results we’d like right away. But, if we work hard at it, we can be the best version of ourselves in 2018.

Speaking of “New Year, New Me,” as I keep writing those words, I think of 2 Corinthians 5:17: “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become brand new.” By accepting Christ as our Savior, whoever we were before then is gone and we become a “New Me.” However, we are still very much human, full of error and imperfection; hence the desire to make resolutions year after year.

But among all of the resolutions we can make, keep, and crush, it’s through the grace of God we are able to do so. I’ve talked about Phillippians 4:13 in another one of my posts, but it’s true here, too. We can keep our resolutions and improve ourselves through Him who gives us strength. Furthermore, the results we see all depend on His will for our lives. Some of us may lose sight of that and get discouraged if things become more difficult than anticipated.

Aside from setting a resolution for ourselves, another thing I resolve to do is set a resolution that will help me better serve God. In my case, I resolve to join a bible study (I honestly haven’t been in one since high school, which is 10 years for me *insert hand on mouth emoji here*) so I can get a stronger understanding of God’s word, and so I can educate and be a better witness to my atheist and agnostic friends and family.

Psalm 98:1 says, “Sing unto the Lord a new song; for He hath done marvelous things: His right hand, and his holy arm, hath gotten him the victory.” We can think of these Godly resolutions as new songs we can sing to the Lord, as ways to better serve Him. This can be another tool in our utility belt for God to use us according to His will.

A side mission I have for this New Year’s quest is to take up bullet journaling. I plan on having one for the home with DIY’s, recipes, etc.; one for my writing, freelance, Geeks Under Grace, and personal projects I’m undertaking; and finally, one for Bible study. I hope to fill at least a few Bible-bullet journals in 2018, so I can look back at them and use them as guidebooks for this life God has given me. Now that a new year is beginning, take some time to look at the set list for your life. What kinds of songs have you been playing? As we say goodbye and sing “Old Lang Syne” to 2017 and hello to 2018, let us sing a new song to the Lord. Through our resolutions, He’ll be our guide.

Melissa Ruiz

Old Millenial, Batman and Star Wars fan, Freelancer, New England Grrl, Mom, Christian, Geek.

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