The Greatest Thing God Has Done In My Life

What is the greatest thing God has done in your life? How has He blessed your life in a way that is so amazing? That is what I asked myself and a few of our writers. The rules are simple. It can be anything, just as long as it isn’t being saved and having all of your sins wiped away.

Cooper Daniel Barham

I imagine pinpointing the single greatest thing God has done in my life outside of salvation is not a struggle for me only. Ask that question of any Christian with a few years under their belt and you’re bound to run into complications. There are many options, many choices, many stories.

But I think my answer is going to be in light of a pretty recent familial cataclysm, which lead to a lot of changes going on not only in my immediate family, but in families and friends across the nation.

To keep an extremely long and complicated situation into something digestible, just understand my father has a history of several unlawful actions, from drugs to cheating on my mother. In recent years, he’s undergone a paradigm shift in which he turned his life around dramatically, but that isn’t my answer. Little over a year ago my mother then had an affair on my father. Complicated and tragic in more ways than one, this became public and caused many dramatic emotional upheavals in the lives of my family.

This has lead to my mother becoming somewhat anathemized and my father entering a series of terrible, depressive bouts, a few of which lead to genuine suicidal thoughts. This is the greatest thing God has ever done in my life, not because its a pretty situation (these issues are still ongoing and being addressed in numerous ways, including a divorce), but because of the staggering amount of introspection, heart-remodeling, and unity it has generated. In order to handle the cascade of emotional burdens and twists, me and my brother have undergone tremendous growth in regulating and dealing with our family near and far. As more of my friends learn the details of the situation, and in turn spread details to their families, I find that the reach of our prayer support spreads across hundreds of people in several different churches and households across the nation. There are people praying for my family whom I have never even met.

I’m reminded of a lyric by Steven Curtis Chapman: “May I be made weak, so I’ll know the strength of the One who’s strong”. I have been forced to handle more stress in the last year than in my entire life, actively having to convince my father not to end his life, to steer anger and hatred away from my mother, and help each of them, in turn, understand how they got where they are and how to keep things from getting worse. I couldn’t have done any of this without God-inspired empowerment.

And all of this is only the surface, not even covering specific changes in my father, grandparents, or many other people who are influenced by this situation.

Not sure where things will go from here, as things still aren’t good, but nonetheless I would still consider this the greatest thing God has ever done in my life.

Steve Schoen

Honestly, the best and biggest thing God has done in my life is to guide me into writing for Geeks Under Grace. I’ve never been more devoted to a task the way I am devoted to writing reviews and other pieces for the site. I had just finished reading Radical by David Platt, and at the end of the book, he invites you to take the Radical Challenge, which is actually comprised of 5 challenges:

  1. Pray for the entire world

  2. Read the entire Bible in a year

  3. Sacrifice your money for a specific purpose

  4. Give your time in another context

  5. Commit your life to a multiplying community

God has seen to it that I can perform parts 4 and 5 with relative ease. Just after Easter, 2014, I was invited to join this remarkable group of believers, and I thank God for it.


Michael Pyatt Jr.

The best thing God has ever done for me…

I don’t really have a testimony on how I came to God. He saved me when I was young, 11 years old to be exact; so I really didn’t have time to get to any trouble. Never got drunk, haven’t smoked anything, didn’t go to jail, or anything. I did drop out of school when I was 15, but even that wasn’t as dramatic as it could have been. God’s kind of had his hand in keeping me on track. Personally, I’ve been well. I can’t say the same for everybody around me.

My sister was pregnant last year. Not just pregnant, but pregnant with twins. This was a big deal to me and my family. My sister had been trying to get pregnant for years; so when it finally happened, it was tremendous joy. What happened next was the most painful thing to ever happen to me.

My sister was five months pregnant, and she started to have stomach pains. She stayed in the hospital for a week. I went to see her at the hospital on a Saturday. I left there that night hopeful. That hope was obliterated in three days. She gave pre-mature birth to the first child on July 1st. He passed on July 1st. The very next day, she gave birth to the second child. She passed on the same day. To recap: two labors, two children, two deaths, in two days. The pain that my sister had to go through supersedes any pain that I had, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t hurt.

I was crushed. I was devastated. I couldn’t stop crying. I tried to remain strong while I was around my sister, her husband, and the rest of my family. However, when I was alone, all I could do was weep. That happened until about the time school started the next month.

Even with the pain of losing my niece and nephew on back to back days, I never let it hinder my relationship with God. If anything, it got stronger.

That was July 2013, it is now August 01, 2014. I can happily say that my sister is now pregnant again with a boy. The best thing that God has done for me is show me, through my sister’s pregnancy, that the pain will never last forever. I live my life through wins and losses. Last year, I was dealt one of the biggest losses in my life. This year, I have been blessed with the biggest win.

People might look at me and say how can you love God when he put you, your sister, and your family through that type of pain? My answer to that is, why not?

Psalm 9:10 “Those who know your name will trust in you, for you, LORD, have never forsaken those who seek you.” This situation just proves without a shadow of doubt that no matter what, God will never leave me hanging, he’ll always be with me. Because of that, I return the favor. I will always be with God.

Wesley Wood

In the 6th grade some kid at school brought to lunch a porno mag. Prior to this I had not thought of women in this way. I ended up going home and Googling naked women. Needless to say, my parents busted me and it was quite embarrassing despite not really knowing what I did wrong at the time. This was an on and off problem until I graduated and moved out of the house. Along with living on my own came unrestricted internet and from there on my addiction to porn grew. Sadly, I never viewed this as a real issue until January of 2013 when my ex-gf busted me on it and was about to break up with me. This prompted me to want to change but I ended up slipping right back into the addiction. Later on in the year I attended an addiction group that met weekly at the church I went to. They introduced me to a computer program called Covenant Eyes, which is fantastic. Also, making my mom the person who sees my activity reports really gave me the kick I needed. But… I still had my phone. Someone at work told me about Net Nanny and I downloaded that onto my phone and it has proven to be a blessing as well. However, I know I can get around both programs since where there is a will there is a way. I finally gave up. I sincerely prayed to God for self control and to help remove the thoughts of looking at the filth. Since then I have prayed, praised, and read His word everyday. This has proven to be an effective formula to remove the addiction of porn in my life. While I still have lustful thoughts and find that to be the next challenge in my life, I thank the Lord for helping me move past the decade plus years I spent with a porn problem. Praise the Lord for He is almighty!

What is the greatest thing God has done in your life? Tell us below!

Wesley Wood

Wesley Wood is an aspiring film director. He would love to make GOOD films to help spread God's word and help Christians grow.


  1. Kristen on October 7, 2023 at 8:25 pm

    I was brought up in a Christian home but it never resonated with me. I just felt out of place.
    In 2013, I was a rebellious, terrible person. I sinned blatantly, denied Jesus Christ, and I thought everything I had was my own doing. I was a single Mom going through a divorce and had been in a terrible marriage. I prayed to God to open my eyes and ears. What happened next was the worst thing and the best thing that could have happened to me. One night, I went to go to sleep after being up for 82 hours straight at work. I had four seizure like episodes and heard these demonic like voices. I tried to pray but I couldn’t because I couldn’t speak or move. The voices were the scariest thing I had ever encountered. I eventually was able to yell out for my children who called my mom to take me to a hospital. The doctor told me I was burning my candle at both ends and gave me potassium. This was on February 22, 2013.
    Over the next few months, I started thinking that voices were coming out of electronics. In July, I realized they were in my head. I lost everything I had from totally unrelated circumstances. My sanity was taken from me and my children lost all respect for me. God disciplined me. I became paranoid and everyone I knew including family turned their back on me because they couldn’t reason with me. I was at rock bottom.

    I met my future husband in August of 2013 but we had known each other in high school. I told him everything I was going through and he was there for me through it all. I believed in God now and I began to change although I was mentally ill and still had struggles. In November of 2013, I almost committed suicide because the voices were cruel and louder than ever but a still small voice told me to stop.
    My husband and I married in January of 2014. I had been put on medication but it didn’t help. I went off the medication for a few years to have two more children and I spiraled downward. I became more and more mentally ill. God was my only hope. I clung to him and begged him to heal me. I prayed and fasted. Finally, I was put on the correct medication. I had schizoaffective disorder. They put me on the highest dose but the voices remained. I had psychosis and delusions grandeur but they slowly faded. The voices remained 24/7. They twisted scripture and we’re just terrible.
    I went to a mental health clinic for therapy. It was there that I met Connie. She was a good friend. We became close. One day I felt the urge to tell her about Jesus. I ignored it but it persisted. Then, a still small voice, like a thought popped into my head, “Tell her about Jesus.” I didn’t want to lose her as a friend but I obeyed. I began to talk to her about God. She never knew Him but knew there was a God. I did this all the while believing that God no longer heard my prayers because I had denied Jesus.
    In 2018, my husband and I had very little. I saw a house for sale online and mumbled, “Lord, wouldn’t that be nice.” He heard my prayer because a year later we bought that very house which had been pending three times that year including when we were ready to look. God gave us the house which was out of our price range in 2019 at a discount of $30,000. God heard my prayer at a mumble. It was the best blessing he had ever given us aside from all of our children. I then knew that God could hear me and I prayed he would heal me and take me out of the darkness I was in. He healed me a little bit more but not completely.
    In 2021, my dad who became a pastor a few years prior almost died when his bowels burst. He was so close to death and was septic. Our whole family, his church, and Connie and I prayed for him. I almost lost it while driving during the ordeal and it was then this peace washed over me. That still small voice said, “I am taking care of your Dad.” I knew then everything would be alright. God healed my dad and brought him back from near death.
    In June 2022, Connie was baptized by my dad. The more we prayed, did Bible study, and we talked about Jesus; the more God healed me. Bit by bit, since meeting Connie, He healed me. He saved us both. Years after the fact, I realized that I had once prayed for a dear friend and prayer partner. God answered that prayer with Connie years later. By 2022, I went down from the maximum dose of 20 mg to the lowest dose of medication of 5 mg. I have no more psychosis or demonic like voices. I have stayed at this dose but my doctor thinks I am healed. Jesus Christ healed me. He changed my heart and went after me like a lost sheep. He continues to put lost sheep in my path one by one for me to bring to Him. These are just a few of the many blessings God has worked in my life. He is amazing.
    Looking back on my life, I can see how God used my mental illness to change me and to save a lady I never would have met had I not lost my sanity. He went after us both and He taught me to always do whatever He asks of me and that He is my rock and Redeemer. I owe my life to Jesus Christ.

  2. Mr Chase on January 11, 2015 at 8:28 pm

    Alright, well probably the greatest thing God did was oddly enough something I struggled with a lot for years. I had lost a friend to a fire back in Kindergarten and I learned what loss was from a very young age. Knowing you’re never going to see someone again is very hard at that age and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone else. But the fact of the matter is even though for years I had no idea why it happened God was there to slowly work on me. Only when I told people did I get through it and God was there to prevent me from breaking down right then and there in front of them. I actually haven’t told some of my closest friends about it and they have knew me even back when I was struggling from this. Although I only got through it Freshman year which was almost 3 years ago. I thought it was middle school but thinking back it was definitely Freshman year. The lesson God taught me from that was to make my life worth something, which is probably the greatest lesson I could’ve learned. I’m going to be telling some of my closest friends this Tuesday, it’s been delayed multiple times but now I’m finally going to.

  3. Rachel on August 11, 2014 at 11:44 am


  4. Grant Vandervalk on August 3, 2014 at 1:59 pm

    Praise the Lord, Wesley. Sometimes God delivers miraculously overnight, sometimes His grace alone is sufficient for us, stirring up the desire to be rid of the sin and guard against future temptations and becoming bound to other sins. He can give us a brand new heart with no desire towards something we have been addicted to for years (I have seen this in our own congregation), but sometimes He wants us to exercise the Spirit of self control in our lives in order to gain victory and have a testimony we can pass on to others that way.

    My first foray into pornography was discovering my older brother’s magazines at an age even younger than you did. Not coming from a Christian home, liberal sex education in school, various forms of media (movies, books, television, and especially the Internet), all had a great part of forming my understanding of sex in general, and how I looked at women and my own sexual identity in particular. Praise God, after one and a half decades of that filth (culminating even in bi-curiosity), the Lord brought me to Himself. While I have seen it in others, it certainly hasn’t been an overnight fix for me.

    Prayer, in depth study in the Word, networking on Facebook (NoFap, Fight the New Drug, Abstinence Until Marriage, Stop Porn Culture – Official, Pornography Harms, Pink Cross Foundation, NoSexMovement, Overcome Porn Addiction, etc), and also a lot of research into the psychology / neuroscience behind porn addiction (Covenant Eyes and some accountability groups that came before it), and the free K9 filter software (with my wife knowing the password, not me), has brought me a long way. Certainly immersing myself into discipleship, ministry and a healthy marriage, desiring to lead my kids by example, etc helped towards creating a new positive life rather than focusing only on the old (which only seems to empower it more, depending on your approach).

    Unlike AA / SAA / SLAA, I won’t say “once an addict, always an addict,” but I certainly need to be wary and guard my heart about the slightest steps back towards those former habits. God gives us His Spirit without measure – the Spirit of power, self-control and a sound mind – but we still have the physical brain with the old neuro pathways (stimulation -> reaction) which, although we can carve out alternative pathways (stimulation -> alternative reaction), it is always easy to slip back into the more trodden path if we are not careful. Even by blazing new trails through the synapses, it doesn’t make the old one go away – unless Jesus chooses to heal your brain completely, of course (which He can and has done).

    Otherwise, we must look forward to His return, when we will finally be free not only from the consequence and spiritual power of sin, but also its presence, when Satan and all his followers are cast into the Lake of Fire, and we all receive new heavenly bodies from the Lord. I don’t mean to sound gnostic or anything (spirit is good, physical is bad), when I say “flesh / sinful nature” that is of course in our mind / emotions as well as our physical body.

    For me, the message of Christian holiness certainly helps me overcome temptation. Jesus doesn’t take a sinner and fix his life. The sinner dies spiritually in the waters of baptism and, through the Holy Spirit, arises a saint. We have the power that rose Jesus from the dead, that resurrecting grace that motivates, inspires and empowers us to holy living in love. An outwardly broken person physically looks the same when they are born again (although their countenance will certainly change), and some of their brokenness may seem to have been fixed, but inwardly they are actually a brand new person.

    However, “The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit: a broken and a contrite heart, O God, thou wilt not despise” – Ps 51:17

    So, if anything, we are still broken. There is, in a sense, a complete salvation “now but not yet” in that we are still tempted outwardly (through the lusts of the flesh, world, and Satan) even though inwardly we are renewed. Our hearts testifying that sin is wrong even while we still wrestle with it, is a sign of God’s victory over our ultimate heart of hearts, our innermost being, who no longer has an inherently spiritual sinful nature – and awaits the putting off of the old tent, and inheriting the new permanent dwelling. We are broke against sin, our hearts bleed for the lost and we ache for Jesus’ return. Hallelujah, oh that the glorious day was today!

    • Wesley Wood on August 5, 2014 at 11:24 am

      It is unfortunate porn is so prominent now. The internet has made it a main stream thing that is easy to access and no one has to know.

  5. Michael M. on August 3, 2014 at 2:55 am

    Wow really great testimonies. Especially Wesley’s, since I too have dealt with pornography issues for many years in my life. Thank God I’ve been set free from that as well. God bless all you guys for being so transparent and honest, not many people are willing to do it.

    • Wesley Wood on August 5, 2014 at 11:23 am

      Thanks! Porn is unfortunately a major issue and GUG is looking to tackle it here very soon.

  6. Jonathan Legassie on August 2, 2014 at 8:42 pm

    Probably the greatest thing God has done in my life is introduce me to someone (who I don’t actually talk to anymore, sadly enough). This person, who just so happened to be female, God brought this person into my life after my divorce began with my ex-wife, and I had a period where I just kind of threw everything away and made an attempt to converting to Atheism. Became an alcoholic, smoked cigarettes and marijuana, and I let my previous sexual desires from before I came to Christ pretty much regain total control over me. My Christian brothers and sisters were all “You should be ashamed of yourself. It’s your fault she left you, don’t blame God.” Some expletives were traded. She did the opposite. She asked me why I felt the way I did. She asked me all kinds of questions, and was legitimately concerned with my situation and my feelings, etc. And through this person, God lit a fire underneath me that I’d never felt before. And although I don’t talk to this person anymore, I thank God for this woman everyday, because I don’t know where I’d be, or if I’d even be here, if I hadn’t met this person.

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