Taking Back Easter

Traditions have overrun Easter–sunrise service, dinner with the family, and an egg hunt for the kids, brought to you by the one and only Easter Bunny. Sound familiar? It’s similar to what I’ve done just about every year. This year I invite you to shake things up.
There is a story Jesus told (you may have heard of it) about a prodigal son. He took his inheritance from his father and spent it foolishly, and quite effectively ruined his life. He decided to go home, knowing he could never be his father’s son, but maybe, at the very most, a servant. Though to his surprise, when he returned, his Father rejoiced that his son was back. He threw the son a party–a celebration. They had the finest feast, and the party was so grand that you could hear the dancing from outside. The son was home and that was to be celebrated.
I love that story because there is so much that can be taken from just a few lines. Today, I want to focus on that party.
I think we can agree that Easter should be celebrated. More people are saved on Easter than any other day, knowing that Jesus rose from the dead so that we may also live. Easter means heaven for all who want it. It means a chance to be reborn, to become a new creation. Easter reminds us that you can always start over.
What do you do when you really celebrate something? Did you have a glass of bubbly on New Years? What about cake on your birthday? Maybe you celebrate special days by watching a movie with the family or playing a few video games. However you celebrate your biggest days, this Easter, I invite you to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and I mean really, truly, rejoice in it the same way you do for everything else. If any occasion warrants a party, it’s Easter.
So, remember: Don’t just go through the motions this year, but really think about what God has done for you–this awesome, amazing thing–and then act on it accordingly.

How do you celebrate special occasions? Let us know in the comments down below!

Cody Armour

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