Ridiculous Rage Over The Satanic Statue

Once again, Christians are up in arms over something (shocker!)
This time it’s over the debut of a 9-foot Satanic statue (known as “Baphomet”) in Detroit, Michigan. The internet is ablaze with fear-mongering preachers such as Joshua Feuerstein demanding it be torn down. Igniting a firestorm of shares, concerns, and outrage similar to what was seen over the announcement of the legalization of gay marriage.
Why am I not upset? Well, mainly because if we as Christians were not allowed to have our symbols of worship in church, and the Satanists were, then I believe it would be a problem. However, the location of the statue itself isn’t even in public and they aren’t even sure where they are going to put it. Did we forget that we aren’t a Christian nation? Are Christians protesting Islamic Mosques or Buddhist temples? How about television shows that are occultic or glorify Vampirism? No? Ok, I thought for a second that we were concerned about that type of stuff.
Why do we immediately rage over other religions doing things, and not rage when our own religion is corrupt and blasphemous? Where is the outrage against the prosperity preachers or the televangelists who are selling “prayer cloths” on the television? Why aren’t we out sharing the gospel with people, or at least doing so online instead of giving secular America one more reason to think we are idiots?
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Christians are our own worst enemy. We don’t have to be concerned with other religions doing their thing, we bring our credibility down from the inside. Can’t we see our enemy doing this to us? The devil isn’t going to outright become victorious by erecting a statue, he’s going to do it by sifting us apart from the inside, and that’s what is happening.
Christians have all this passion, and it’s quite honestly misguided. If we took half the effort we use to protest and rally and cry in the streets against things that don’t matter, and put it toward growing biblically and spiritually, we’d be a force to reckon with, not a joke amongst non-believers.
Our freedom has caused us to become lazy, we have become slothful in our pursuits of meaningless drivel while the devil sits on his throne in Downtown Detroit and laughs heartily at us.

Drew Koehler

Founder and writer for Geeks Under Grace. Christian, Husband, Father, Sailor and Geek!

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