Bibles Taught In Schools (Christian News Show)

Idaho wants to teach Bibles in school, Ben Hur gets an awesome trailer, and ISIS bombed Brussels

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Ben Hur Looks Awesome!
Idaho To Have Bibles in schools
34 Killed In Brussels


Bibles Taught In Schools (Christian News Show)

Cody Armour

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1 Comment

  1. Amanda on March 22, 2016 at 9:26 pm

    Yo! I’ve been loving this site ever since I stumbled across it about a month ago. I’m big into video games (mostly retro), and finding a way to express my faith through my hobby has been tricky. You guys have been my inspiration. Keep it up!

    So, as a resident of Idaho, I can weigh in maybe a little bit on the “Bibles in schools” bill. We’ve got a generally conservative atmosphere here – aside from perhaps a slightly growing liberal slant in Boise – so I can’t imagine any riots in the streets over the bill. At least I hope I don’t see any!

    From what I’ve read, we have a fair amount of people arguing on either side, but the bill is basically stating something that was already allowed: reference to the Bible in regards to teaching different subjects of education (art, history, literature, etc.). I think they did amend that the Bible can’t be used in teaching any sciences, however.

    If the bill means anything more than that, I haven’t heard about it. Then again, I’m really bad at keeping up with local news, and I’m not particularly involved in the happenings of public school.

    Thanks again for your hard work on this site. I look forward to more!

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