Faith Over Fear

By Rachael DeLaria, GUG Contributor

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We live in a time full of fear and hate. It often reminds me of the last season of Smallville. Throughout the season, we see hate and darkness rising, and it seems impossible to overcome. Hawkman tells the heroes the darkness has come before, but every time evil and hate have risen, so have love and hope. He tells them there is always a hero who stands up to the darkness and pushes it back. As I look around at the world, all I seem to see is hopelessness, fear, hate, and anger. So, I begin to look for our hero: Jesus Christ, the great “I Am,” who is love, hope, and peace. 

I started to pray God would help me to be like Cloe and Lois and how they were steadfast in their faith. That my heart would remain fixed on Him, no matter the temptation. He led me in my devotions to Philippians 4. In this chapter, Paul talks about peace that makes no sense – about being content no matter what is happening around you, and he makes four promises to us here. The word he uses for peace in this chapter means not only peace of mind but a sense of wholeness, of complete well-being. He also shares how we gain that promised peace, and I want to walk you through that here. 

In verse 4, he begins by telling us to rejoice! In fact, he says it twice. Rejoice means to be glad and delight in God’s grace. Are we taking the time to delight in the Lord’s grace every day of our lives? To be glad for all he has done? Next, he tells us to have moderation which is so great everyone knows about it. The word moderation here means gentle and fair. Do we walk through life with a hair trigger? Or are we gentle and fair with those around us, especially our family? Then he says not to be anxious about anything, but to bring our concerns before God. Bring them with prayer and supplication. 

Now I wasn’t sure what the difference was, so I looked it up. Prayer is talking to God earnestly. Supplication is a request born of great need, of desperation. Often we bring our problems to God with prayer and even with supplication, but we forget the next step: with thanksgiving. In our need, are we giving thanks? Are we focusing on what we don’t have, or are we being thankful for all he has blessed us with? It is here we see the first promise: If we do these things, we will have peace that makes no sense to the world. 

In verse 8 he lists off all the things we should be focusing on. Whatever is honest, just, pure. If it has any virtue, meaning any moral goodness. If it has any praise. This is what you should be thinking about. Look at what I am doing, he says, and do that. If you do, he makes the second promise: The peace of God will be with you.

In verse 11 he shares how he has learned to be content. Here, content means he is satisfied no matter where he’s at, or how much he has. Be it chained to the wall of a jail cell or ministering to a crowd of believers; on the brink of starvation or at a feast. No matter what, he has learned through instruction and discipline that he can be content because we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. This is the third promise in this chapter. I’ve heard that scripture used my whole life, but never really in the context of being content. We, too, can be content no matter what through the strength Christ gives us.

In verse 19 he makes the final promise: My God will supply all my needs according to his riches in glory. He will supply our needs – not what we think we need or what the world says we do, but all of our needs through Him. He ends it by saying unto God be all the glory. 

So often, we as Christians want to claim the promises of peace, strength, and provision without following the steps laid out to attain them. We have a saying in our house: “Today, we will have an attitude of gratitude.” It seems so simple, yet somehow it is so difficult to live out. Rejoice in the Lord and think about the good things in our lives. When we have a need, bring it to God with prayer and thanksgiving. If we do these things – if we discipline our mind to focus on Him and the good he has done for us – we will have peace, strength, and provision even when it seems impossible.

I am challenging myself and you. Don’t focus on the world. Don’t doubt who and what you are in Christ Jesus. Be a hero. Be a light shining into the darkness – a light of His grace and hope so one day soon, when our savior returns, not with a red cape but with glory and power, you will be ready.

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Rachael DeLaria is a follower of Christ, a neurodiverse mom, an unashamed nerd, and is passionate about teaching the next generation. She hopes that Christ’s love shines through all she does.

This article was edited to Geeks Under Grace standards, and the personal opinions of this author are not necessarily that of Geeks Under Grace.

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