Creation Mode: How Minecraft Shows God’s Creation

Minecraft is a video game that allows players to create anything they could imagine in a virtual “sandbox” world. Think of it like Lego building blocks in a virtual environment. Players can choose to start with a prefabricated world that has been terraformed at random, or they can start with a flat world where they can build everything from the ground up.
Players can dig, collect, craft, and build just about anything in their world. They can harvest vegetables, cultivate a farm, or care for animals. They can build buildings or huts, dig trenches, or storm castles. The world has rules and laws, such as gravity and electricity. Some intelligent folks have even created a working computer based on the laws and rules within the game. It’s quite genius of Mincraft’s developers to consider putting all of this potential for complexity into the game, yet ultimately make such a simple concept. The game has taken gamers and YouTubers by storm, and could even be considered a household name for most.
What I find to be the most fascinating is that this game didn’t invent anything new. It didn’t take anything that we do or expect in this world and change it. The game itself was created by a person who emulated the real world that we live in.
Though so simple and basic, the amount of creative design and intelligence behind it shows that the game had a creator. Minecraft didn’t just appear online out of thin air and then had someone discover it. It was carefully calculated and put together. It was made based on the world we live in, which was also carefully crafted and put together… by a Creator.
The Bible tells us that God will use the foolish things of the world to confound the wise (1 Cor 1:27). We may think the burden of proof lies on us to prove that God created everything, but even if we gave the world all of the evidence needed to believe, it still wouldn’t. Jesus performed miracles and raised people from the dead, and those that saw it still didn’t believe.
Though Minecraft seemed to be a regression in the evolution of video game graphics and engineering, its simplicity is ultimately what made it so revolutionary and popular. In the same way, something as taken for granted as nature proclaims the glory of God. As we spend so much time and effort into fastening together a solid argument for God’s existence the Bible reminds us that we sometimes just need to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the fanciness and technology around us. 

Drew Koehler

Founder and writer for Geeks Under Grace. Christian, Husband, Father, Sailor and Geek!

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