5 Things Christians Shouldn’t Do When Someone Disagrees

Christianity has done a great job causing confusion and discontent among the world’s populace. Some of it is necessary and expected as the hard truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is offensive to the non-believer. However, the Gospel doesn’t say anything about particular sin, as in picking certain ones out to fight against. The core of the Gospel message is that Jesus Christ died in substitution for your sin, and if you believe in Him you are saved from the eternal consequence of said sinfulness.
The following list is 5 things we as Christians need to stop doing to those who don’t see eye to eye with us in regards to biblical principals:

5. Do not unfriend

Whether in real life or on social media, when someone opposes you, even when it’s frustrating, don’t get rid of them. The only people that Jesus told to leave His presence were the Pharisees who were the “Christians” of His day. Those who knew the scripture and were ignorant to its truth. When people disagree with you, they may truly be trying to understand where you are coming from. Maybe they don’t have the “wherewithall” to eloquently state those facts, but when you remove them from your life (or your friends list) you are limiting them to see or hear the truth that comes from you.

4. Don’t argue with them

If someone doesn’t believe in Jesus, what point does it make to argue with them that you are right and they are wrong? If you are speaking about an issue you have with sin, or speaking against a particular sin, those who don’t believe won’t understand why you are so passionate about your beliefs. Trying to convince them that you are right doesn’t serve any purpose.

3. Don’t hold non-Christians accountable for Christian things

Yes, in the end everyone will answer for the things they did, but we as Christians won’t be held accountable for what another person did or didn’t do. The world isn’t held to our standards, and it makes no difference what type of sin a non-believer is committing.

2. Don’t berate them

It can be hard when people seem to be pushing your buttons and adamantly disagree with you on something you are incredibly passionate about. When this happens we often want to lash out in frustration against those who hurt us. When we do that, we give justification to them being right and us just being hypocrites. Non-believers are always looking for a reason not to believe – and you just gave it to them.

1. Don’t underestimate them (or God’s ability to change them)

Some of the most adamant and fervent Atheists have become the most passionate Christians. They participated in vehement arguments against God, those they argued against likely thought they could never be saved. The closer we get to God, the more things seem to get out of control, and the same can be said for those who are coming in to a knowledge of Jesus Christ. They may be lashing out against the very nature they were born with.

Drew Koehler

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