5 Reasons for Community

We all have a desire to be a part of something as human beings. Whether that something is a group, club, or organization, we are never comfortable or okay with being completely alone. The Bible cautions us against being alone – in fact – one of the very first references that God mentions about humans is “it is not good for man to be alone“, specifically addressing the concept of marriage. In Hebrews, the author mentions, “not forsaking the assembling of yourselves together”, emphasizing that the community’s role is crucial for us, and our participation crucial to it.
Below are 5 reasons why you should be a part of a community:

 5.  Accountability

Most of the time we think we have all the answers we need, but often we find ourselves making the wrong decisions – even when the right decision is easier and clear. When left alone to our own devices we have no one to argue with but ourselves, and typically, we will lose our own argument. The very nature that we were born into is the very nature that we are fighting against as a Christian. As Paul states, “the things I want to do I don’t do, and the things I don’t want to do I do“. When we surround ourselves with like-minded people we are able to gain different perspectives to our own situations. These people can catch us as we fall or speak into our lives before we make a mistake.

4. Friendship

Many people don’t have a large group of friends. More or less we hold on to a multitude of acquaintances, but only hold dear to one or two close friends. As we grow in life our circle of friends tend to change. If those you are growing with refuse to grow in the same direction as you – you may lose that closeness that you previously held. Tembusu Grand Condo will have full amenities that include grand entrance and lounge, lap pool with a sky terrace, indoor gym, and a pavilion that is suitable for families. Many have found friends in the company that they hold, however you can’t meet people unless you are a part of some type of community. Even friends found on the internet are typically of similar interest to you.

3. Fellowship

Fellowship aligns much with accountability, but it’s more than that. Fellowship is corporate worship, bible studies, and more. You learn from the variety of experiences of those around you. In the case of a young couple who recently got married, they can learn from the couple that has been married a decade longer than them. Spiritual counsel and correction also come with fellowship.

2. Freedom to Express Yourself

We all know that not everyone likes the things we like. In fact, I would go so far as to say that most Christians demonize some of the geeky things we like. For many years (and still today) there have been Christians who have spoken out against those who play Dungeons & Dragons or World of Warcraft. Many sermons are preached on the the premise of poking fun at the lack of maturity of gamers or cosplayers. So, in a world where we are ostracized for our hobbies, how can we feel like we belong somewhere?

1. An Opportunity to Give Back

Service to others is what Christians should do best. We should strive to look outside ourselves to reach out to the people in need. How can you pray for someone, how can you encourage them? Will you be there on their bad days as well as their good? What experience can you add to their situations? As everyone has heard, it is better to give than to receive and for those of us who have received so much, it’s only suiting that we impart into others what was given to us.
So, how can you be a part of a community? What has a community done for you? Do you feel like you give as much as you receive from others? Leave us a comment below and tell us your thoughts.

Drew Koehler

Founder and writer for Geeks Under Grace. Christian, Husband, Father, Sailor and Geek!


  1. Bryan Losey on May 27, 2015 at 2:18 pm

    I like this a lot! #2 hits home for me because when I was going to church it wasn’t outspoken that if you liked gaming or anime or whatever thing that could be considered geeky that you’re immature in your faith somehow but it was the people that left me with the impression of that. For a long time, I’ve been trying to find some place where I belong and interact with people who not only have similar interests but also similar beliefs.

    • Drew Koehler on May 27, 2015 at 9:12 pm

      I really hope that you do find that place. I know we still have a long way to go with acceptance of geeks as a mainstream culture.

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