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Some, but not many, are truly interested in the book of Revelation enough to actually study it. It is quite a fascinating book and many seem to be confused about it. Sure you will get the plethora of Christians who wildly throw their opinion about what it all means without actually studying for themselves. However, some of us like to form our own opinion and then be able to talk intelligently about what we have learned. If you are in the crowd of people who simply want to hear someone else’s opinion and then declare that as your own, then go right ahead. For the rest of us, studying Revelation can be a tad confusing at first. After all, what is the beast? What are all these letters to churches from Jesus? Just what the heck is going on?! Luckily, along with your Bible, there are some books that can help you learn just what is going on. One of those books is The Book of Revelation Made Clear: A Down-to-Earth Guide to Understanding the Most Mysterious Book of the Bible. Authored by Tim LaHaye and Timothy E Parker, this book is not just a “here is my opinion, take it or leave it”. But rather a book that simple guides you along the book of Revelation.
So, what exactly makes this book different from the plethora of books that encourage you to read them and accept them as fact? Not only does this book go verse by verse, chapter by chapter, but it also quizzes you on what you know and what you learned. It is more of a study guide/workbook mixed with an actual book. There are actually a whopping seventy-seven quizzes in all! They really want to make sure you are paying attention and not just speed reading. This book is a companion for the Bible and by no means a replacement. I am quite impressed, personally, as this is the only book in memory that wanted to make sure I knew what every single thing in Revelation meant. Not one section is skipped, let alone a verse. For those who are like me and love things being in order, this book tells you EVERYTHING in order. There is no skipping from chapter 4 to chapter 21 and then back to chapter 8. The writing is clear, precise, and to the point. There is no beating around the bush or misdirection. There are two appendixes in the back that help you with any words that may seem foreign.
If the idea that Tim LaHaye is attached to this book and you think he is wrong about everything, then it is best to avoid this book. Your negative mindset will just cause you to waste your time with reading this. However, if you are truly open minded or already agree with a pre-tribulation rapture then I highly recommend this. This is the essential book for anyone studying Revelation.
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