Review — 7Fates: Chakho, Vol. 1

title 7Fates Chakho on cover with a blonde young man in white robe


Synopsis Zeha learns about the existence of terrifying tiger-like creatures called Beom. When he was little, they killed his parents. Now, the portal between their world and Zeha's is open again.

Author HYBE & BTS

Artist HYBE
Publisher WebToon Unscrolled
Genre Fantasy

Length 208 pages

Release Date October 24, 2023

7Fates: Chakho is the first physical copy of the webcomic with the same name. It is one of several collaborations between titan digital publisher WebToon and the hit K-pop band BTS. With two such prominent companies at the helm, this series is sure to be a hit…or is it?

Content Guide

Violence/Scary Images: Constant violence including blood and some decapitations (comparable to Demon Slayer, but in full color). Beasts dismember people and can be seen chewing on their limbs in some background shots.

Language: Frequent use of language like a**, h***, and d***. Infrequent use of b*****d, and b***h.

Drug/Alcohol References: Some underage characters smoke.

Sexual Content: None

Other Negative Content: Violence and revenge play pivotal roles in the story.

Spiritual Content: One of the characters is an ancient priest who protects the world from beasts using spiritual seals.

Positive Content: The main characters love their family and are persistent in protecting others from their awful fates.


This reviewer was given a copy of this title from the publisher.

In this tale, based on Korean folklore, tiger-like creatures called Beom break free from another world and wreak havoc on humanity. The prologue opens with a group of young men — presumably characters based on BTS — fighting these Beom using techniques specific to each person. The group’s colorful art and individual personalities draw the reader into the story.

Blonde young man unsheathes a sword in front of a tiger baring its teeth. Purple lightning in the background.

The rest of the volume is a typical fare with lots of action and little plot. A Korean folklore premise is intriguing, but it feels like a MacGuffin to justify revenge and lots of fighting. Our protagonist is the classic tragic anime trope who cannot remember his family’s murder. When a Beom tricks him into opening the portal between worlds, he suddenly recalls the whole ordeal, including his own half-Beom roots. Despite his father seeming a perfectly reasonable being, the protagonist decides to kill all Beom (except himself, of course) under the premise they are monsters.

For a comic marketed as a BTS story, I was surprised the whole band only appeared in the prologue. I am not a BTS fan, so the main characters being band members never made a difference to me. However, they are the whole point of the story. Since WebToon is featuring the band, I expected to see more than two of the members past the prologue.

A blonde young man and a white-haired young man look shocked as a body falls in front of them. sound effects read "fwoosh" with green lightning down the page

The colors are beautiful, but the action is hard to follow because of all the movement lines. My favorite YouTuber calls this “diarrhea Christmas lights” in games, but the effect is the same in a full-color comic. Black-and-white manga, like Attack on Titan, often have this same problem.

Besides those issues, the first volume left me with several questions. Namely, why do the Beom insist on eating people when they have clear human-like intelligence? Why does the protagonist insist on their genocide when he is one of them? Those ideas left a bad taste in my mouth, but perhaps the issues will be resolved in later volumes.

This comic was not my cup of tea, but it will appeal to those who like a simple, action-packed story. Fans of BTS will also be gratified to see a few of their favorite band members having adventures on the page. Presumably, more band members will appear as the comic continues; this was only the first volume, after all.

If this narrative peaks your interest but physical copies are not your thing, you can read the entire completed story on WebToon here.


+ Colorful art
+ Can be read for free on WebToon site or app


- Action sometimes hard to follow
- Unoriginal story

The Bottom Line

With a subpar plot and confusing visuals, 7Fates: Chakho is good for a small audience of BTS fans and mindless action comics.


Story/Plot 3

Writing 4

Editing 6

Art 8


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