Interview – Wm. Paul Young, author of The Shack

In the video below, our writer, Colby Bryant, was privileged with the chance to talk to Wm. Paul Young, the author of the New York Times bestselling novel, The Shack. Originally a self-published book, it has since sold millions of copies, while simultaneously inciting controversies for its portrayal of God and Biblical themes. These topics, as well as many others, are shared in this interview, with The Shack, his book, Lies We Believe About God, and his contributions to The Heart of Man being the focus.

*** Views shared do not necessarily align with the interviewer or Geeks Under Grace as an organization; we ask viewers to keep an open mind to listen to the views of another that may or may not line up with their own. ***

Colby Bryant

Colby Bryant currently serves as the Music/Youth Minister of Oak Grove Baptist Church in Hugo, Oklahoma, and he served as Pastor of Archey Baptist Church in Soper, Oklahoma for several years prior. He and his wife, Stephanie, have three children. He enjoys adding to his extensive knowledge and collection of movies and TV by watching and collecting as many as he can, and he gets in as much video game and tabletop playtime as his schedule will allow. *** John 14:6 - Jesus said to him, "I am The Way, The Truth, and The Life. NO ONE comes to the Father except through me." ***

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