Comic Book Blurbs: November 2015

Sometimes it seems like you blink and the comic book world spins on its head. Batman dies. Superman marries Lois. Spider-Man does Broadway. The universe resets. If you are a comic book nerd and you crave the meaty saga of heroes, but you don’t have time to follow every story, here is a spoiler-free update of what is happening in the most popular stories this November:



Justice League: The Darkseid War #41 (Fabok, Johns)
The Justice League, fronted by Wonder Woman, is investigating a series of murders which leads them to the edge of the universe where Darkseid and the Anti-monitor are waging a huge war. It’s the creator of human slavery versus the power that brings death to existence — and the Justice League are caught in the middle. Furthermore, Wonder Woman learns that the cost of this battle may be Batman’s soul.
Batman #43 ( Capullo, Miki)
Batman faces off against a new bad guy: Mr. Bloom. He is deadly, weird, and has his sights set on Gotham.
Superman #41 (Romita Jr.)
Superman’s identity as Clark Kent has been outed by Lois Lane. He recently lost his powers and now faces his newest challenge: the evils of social media.
Sensation Comics Wonder Woman #1 (Staggs, Sciver)
In this new series, Diana Prince goes to Gotham to give Batman’s enemies a surprise.



Uncanny Avengers #1 (Duggan and Stegman)
The mutants and the Avengers team up for a new team (Deadpool, Spider-Man, Cable, and Torch) in the aftermath of the Secret Wars. The Inhumans are out of control and the addition of a new character, Synapse, creates trouble for the new Avenger team.
Secret Wars #1-6 (Hickman, Ribic)
Dr. Doom takes control of alternate universes in the Marvel world to stitch together the perfect timeline. This will turn the Marvel universe on its head.
Amazing Spider-Man #1 (Slott, Camuncoli)
In this reinventing, Spider-Man is a global superhero with his own spidermobile, a new team of heroes, and a new look on life.
Invincible Iron Man #1 (Bendis, Marquez)
Tony Stark is back and he has a new armor with much more functionality. This story introduces a new story arc and some new mechanics of the Iron Man suit. Tony is on the trail to Latveria to fight Madame Masque.
Ms. Marvel #19 Last Days of Ms. Marvel (Wilson, Anka)
As Armageddon comes to Jersey City, Kamala Khan (the new Ms. Marvel), must bid farewell to all that she loves. This story is rift with Frozen references and funny jokes that keep the story lighthearted. It will be sad to say goodbye to this hero, but that is the price of Secret Wars.


Hellboy #8 (Mignola)
Hellboy fights the demonic cat monster in the story arc of “The Hounds of Pluto.” In this continuation, Hellboy visits his past and forges a new path into the future.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #49 (Eastman, Cunrow, Waltz and Smith)
The Hamato Clan and the Foot Clan have a deadly battle to decide who will rightfully stand with their master: Splinter or Shredder?

Which story should I follow up on next? Leave your suggestion in the comments and I will review it.

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