Comic Book Blurbs: December 2015

There are so many stories in the comic world; if you are not picky, it is hard to find the best ones. That is why I am here. I find out what some of our coolest heroes have been up to and pass my judgement on the stories. If any of these stories seem like a venture worth following, I might even go over the story arcs in their own GUG reviews. Happy Hunting.



DC Comics

Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Tynion IV, Williams II)
The Ninja Turtles show up to Batman’s universe and find Gotham to be a threatening place. Batman, with the help of Lucius Fox, searches to find the origin behind these strange amphibian ninjas. Meanwhile Shredder and The Penguin strike up a deal. Co-published with IDW.
Thoughts: Crossovers in general can be very weak if they rely on their licenses too much. I would say, “Skip this.”
Earth 2: Society #1-#8 (Wilson, Jimenez)
After the world is destroyed by Apokolips, the heroes of Earth 2 must rebuild their new Earth. Green Lantern, the new Batman, Power Girl, Hawk Girl, and Flash must work together to create a society of superheroes. With this new society, there are also very dangerous super villains and a traitor. The team is currently facing Doctor Impossible.
Thoughts: I like how Earth 2 has its own heroes, rules, and dangers. It is a fresh turn from the original DC world. Hopefully, it is not wrecked by bad writing.
Green Lantern #47 (Coccolo, Venditti)
Hal Jordan is an outlaw for turning against the Green Lantern templars. After his battle with Black Hand, he returns to Earth to face a terrorist named Sonar. It is up to Hal Jordan to enact justice.
Thoughts: This story sounds so interesting. I find Green Lantern stories can be a little heavy, but I hope this one is gripping.



Deadpool #3 (Posehn, Duggan, Koblish)
Deadpool inspires a vigilante from Mexico named Masacre. This is a one shot episode that is written entirely in Spanish. Masacre will be murdering endless people to win over our bloodlustful affections.
Thoughts: This might be a neat story for collectors. That is it.
All New X-Men #1-#2 (Bendis, Immonen)
The X-men travel back in time to an earlier saga where mutants were hated and feared. Cyclops is a revolutionary and Jean Grey runs the mutant school. New mutants are introduced and a brand new Wolverine makes his way into the group.
Thoughts: This books is a great start for those getting into the story.
Mighty Thor #1-#2 (Aaron, Dauterman)
Jane Foster is the new Thor and she alone can lift the mighty hammer. In this new vision for Thor, Jane wrestles with having cancer. In later issues, Loki is making a comeback… but will he be friend or foe?
Thoughts: This new direction might have a tinge of soap opera theatrics in it. Even so, it could be a refreshing look at Thor.



GI Joe: Cobra World Order #219-#221 (Hama, Gallant)
Terrorist movements are happening all over the globe and it points to Cobra unfurling their master plan. Hawk leads a team of Joes to stop Cobra’s plan, but it might be too late.
Thoughts: The story seems a little light, but we didn’t really expect much from GI Joe.



Boom Studios

Tyson Hesse’s Diesel (Hesse)
Diandra Diesel is the daughter of the late great airship colony leader, Tungsten. But now that the company is owned by a childhood rival, Diandra is given the job of airship janitor. Her life changes when a ship crashes into the airship and Diandra is taken on an exciting new quest.
Thoughts: This must be a fun little story. I like the cartoony graphics and it promises to be like Howl’s Moving Castle.


X-O Manowar #10 (Venditti, Sandoval)
Aric of Darcia is the X-O Manowar and his quest is to bring peace between Earth and an alien race. He carries the Shanhara, a deity, to a race of aliens called The Vine. Now he must find a home for The Vine as they set their sights on Earth.
Thoughts: I wish I had more access to comics like this. They seem like thrilling sci-fi shows. It might be worth a read.


What story seems worthy of your time? Let us know in the comments!

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