Wesley Lantz

Wesley's first memory of video games is playing through Super Mario World with his mom when he was 3 years old. Since then, he's been a classic Nintendo kid, but has branched out to the far lands of PlayStation in recent years. He enjoys the worlds that video games create and share with their audiences, and the way video games bring together collaborators from so many different disciplines like music, visual art, literature, and even philosophy. He is an advocate for excellency in all things, but isn't immune to a few guilty pleasure games, which may or may not include Disney's Party for the GameCube.

Review – Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective HD

By Wesley Lantz / July 21, 2023 /

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective is a masterclass in storytelling and design, with an engaging and twisting plot that is backed up in every way by engaging and evolving gameplay.

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Review – Mr. Sun’s Hatbox

By Wesley Lantz / June 16, 2023 /

Mr. Sun’s Hatbox comes out swinging with beautiful art, a fun personality and a unique gameplay twist, and while it may not succeed at everything it attempts, it’s a worthwhile experience nonetheless.

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Review – CATAN: Console Edition

By Wesley Lantz / May 26, 2023 /

CATAN: Console Edition is fun, but that has more to do with the design of the original board game than it does the digital incarnation. Combine that with inconsistent music quality and frustrating glitches, and the only real selling point is that it’s cheaper than the board game version, and has online play.

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Retro Review – The Zelda CDI Games

By Wesley Lantz / April 1, 2023 /

As GUG prepares for the release of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, David Koury and Wesley Lantz take a dive into the past of the series to see how far we’ve come.

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Learning to Give Up Control

By Wesley Lantz / March 24, 2023 /

In a fallen world, what can Remedy Entertainment’s “Control” tell us about accepting our place as created beings subject to a Creator?

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