Tyler Hummel

Born into the unexplored residential backwater of Chicago, Tyler Hummel is a graduate of Tribeca Flashpoint College where he studied Sound Design for Film and Interactive Media. When he isn't hosting his public access talk show The Fox Valley Film Critics or collecting DragonBall Z figurines, he enjoys writing and directing short films. As with Rick from Casablanca, "he's a man like any other man, just more so!"

Review: Lazer Team 2

By Tyler Hummel / December 11, 2017 /

Distributor: Fullscreen Films/YouTube Red Director: Daniel Fabelo/Matt Hullum Writer: Burnie Burns, Daniel Fabelo, and Matt Hullum Starring: Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, Michael Jones, Colton Dunn, and Nichole Bloom Genre: Action/Adventure Rating: PG-13 Rooster Teeth Productions have been producing online content for more than a decade and a half. Last year, they successfully made the transition into…

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