Tyler Hummel

Born into the unexplored residential backwater of Chicago, Tyler Hummel is a graduate of Tribeca Flashpoint College where he studied Sound Design for Film and Interactive Media. When he isn't hosting his public access talk show The Fox Valley Film Critics or collecting DragonBall Z figurines, he enjoys writing and directing short films. As with Rick from Casablanca, "he's a man like any other man, just more so!"

Review – The Beekeeper

By Tyler Hummel / January 14, 2024 /

The Beekeeper is a thrilling and absurd joyride, featuring Jason Statham in a fun and action-packed performance.

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Review – American Fiction

By Tyler Hummel / January 5, 2024 /

American Fiction offers a satire of the current state of Black-centric narratives in the media, raising many questions, but resolving little.

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Review – Godzilla Minus One

By Tyler Hummel / January 1, 2024 /

Godzilla Minus One may end up being one of Japan’s most successful films in the United States. What makes this one special?

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Review – Next Goal Wins

By Tyler Hummel / December 5, 2023 /

Maligned director Taika Waititi takes on a low-stakes, low-concept story in Next Goal Wins. Has he redeemed his career with his latest flick?

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Review – The Shift (2023)

By Tyler Hummel / December 1, 2023 /

The Shift, created by Angel Studios (The Chosen, Sound of Freedom), is a bold science fiction film based loosely off the story of Job.

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