Tyler Hummel

Born into the unexplored residential backwater of Chicago, Tyler Hummel is a graduate of Tribeca Flashpoint College where he studied Sound Design for Film and Interactive Media. When he isn't hosting his public access talk show The Fox Valley Film Critics or collecting DragonBall Z figurines, he enjoys writing and directing short films. As with Rick from Casablanca, "he's a man like any other man, just more so!"

Review – The Dead Don’t Hurt

By Tyler Hummel / June 14, 2024 /

Viggo Mortensen’s The Dead Don’t Die is a flawed but interesting entry for fans of the Western genre.

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Review – Sight (2023)

By Tyler Hummel / June 13, 2024 /

Sight is the newest release from Christian film company Angel Studios, this time sharing the real life story of Ming Wang.

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Review – Hit Man

By Tyler Hummel / June 10, 2024 /

Hit Man is Richard Linklater’s latest film, which takes a true story and converts it into a purposefully fictitious romantic crime thriller.

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Review – Shōgun (2024 Miniseries)

By Tyler Hummel / June 4, 2024 /

Shōgun has risen to prominence for a reason. It’s the television event of the year, with some of the best dramatic storytelling in the past few years.

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Review – The Story of the Family

By Tyler Hummel / May 29, 2024 /

Chesterton Society President Dale Ahlquist gathers the great Catholic journalist’s thoughts on family together into one convenient and thought provoking book.

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