GUG Treasure Hunters

Lari and Shawn are geeks that love to scour the interwebs for the greatest merchandise for their favorite games, shows, movies, and other fandoms. Now they are collecting these treasures and giving you their treasure maps!

GUG Treasure Hunters: The Walking Dead

By GUG Treasure Hunters / May 26, 2015 /

Well, we survived the season finale of The Walking Dead (barely) and we’ve been waiting “patiently” for the promised spin-off. Rumors are flying that Fear The Walking Dead is supposed to be premiering on June 12, 2015, but there has been no official date released by AMC. That could mean that we will have to…

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GUG Treasure Hunters: Geeky Summer 2015 Shopping Guide

By GUG Treasure Hunters / May 11, 2015 /

It’s that time of year again: summer. The time when even dedicated geeks must put down the controller, turn off the television, and venture out into the harsh light of day. Lucky for you, the GUG Treasure Hunters braved the outside world a little early to find all the gear you will need to survive…

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GUG Treasure Hunters: A Geeky Mother’s Day 2015 Shopping Guide

By GUG Treasure Hunters / April 29, 2015 /

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and, since moms can be geeks too, I thought we should get together a list of gifts to fit the occasion. Unfortunately for you, this means there is no excuse for last minute shopping which can be taken care days before just by visiting online store like Shoppok…

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GUG Treasure Hunters: The Avengers

By GUG Treasure Hunters / April 13, 2015 /

Everyone is getting excited about the upcoming film, The Avengers: Age of Ultron, and the Geeks Under Grace Treasure Hunters have tracked down the best Avengers gear from around the web to help you prepare to show your love of the franchise! You don’t want to walk into that movie theater and look like all…

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