Timothy Taylor

Timothy Taylor is a lifelong creative, nerd and story teller. He spent more time reading and drawing as a kid than being outside. He is an artist, a teacher and a writer of fantasy, science fiction, and the occasional play. He continues to devour books, plays tabletop games and video games, and obsesses over the minutiae of made up worlds, including his own.

Review – Star Trek: Picard (Season Three)

By Timothy Taylor / May 20, 2023 /

The final season reunites the entire Next Generation crew for a nostalgic send off that paves the way for…well, the next generation.

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Review – The Peripheral, Season 1

By Timothy Taylor / December 30, 2022 /

Amazon’s The Peripheral, a slick adaptation of William Gibson’s Jackpot Trilogy, offers sleek visuals and philosophical musings.

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Review – The Rings of Power, Premier Episodes

By Timothy Taylor / September 12, 2022 /

Amazon’s big-budget series, The Rings of Power, offers a cinematic return to Middle-Earth that has polarized the most devoted Tolkien fans.

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Review – Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

By Timothy Taylor / August 30, 2022 /

Strange New Worlds offers a return to classic Trek storytelling.

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Review – The Fantastic 42: A Fellowship Facing Doom With Hope

By Timothy Taylor / August 25, 2022 /

From the serious to the silly, Fantastic 42 is in many ways a reflection of the complex and colorful thing that is the body of Christ.

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