T.C. Lewis

An ardent indoorsman, Taylor Charles Lewis's enjoyment and energy are primarily found in theology and storytelling. His favorite interests and interactions often involve the melding of the two— through reading, writing, and video games. He's lives in California, and when venturing beyond computers and books helps in youth ministry to see God's word written on human hearts.

Love Songs of Scripture

By T.C. Lewis / February 14, 2017 /

Whether embarking on a quest for requited romance or embracing the spiritual gift of “foreveralone.jpg”… and no matter if your heartstrings are currently singing for a significant other or still severely singed from the last time… …there’s ultimately only one love story to fix our hearts on– the living God who came down as Jesus,…

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Beat Breaker: “New Years Eve” by Five Iron Frenzy

By T.C. Lewis / January 24, 2017 /

Song Title: New Years Eve Artist: Five Iron Frenzy Album: The End is Here Label: Self Released Genre: Rock/Ska/Punk You might wonder why, four weeks deep into January, I’m writing on a song about the final day of last year. Obviously, this was my plan all along– to refrain from publishing when most readers are…

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Staff Worship Picks

By T.C. Lewis / December 18, 2016 /

When hearing the word “worship,” our minds instantly go to a specific musical style, carrying familiar and straightforward messages. Admittedly, this is sometimes okay and necessary; we should expect simplicity of our Sunday experience, if we first desire to be united in praising God. In the Psalms, however, I see a larger and more nuanced…

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Geeks Make the Best Missionaries

By T.C. Lewis / September 20, 2016 /

If you opened this article feeling skeptical in any measure…well, you’re not alone. My name is Taylor Lewis. Only a year ago, I volunteered in my church’s youth ministry, but had no intention to travel for international missions. What I tell you now, I surely would have questioned back then: that geeks can be excellent…

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Secular Lyrics and Paul the Apostle

By T.C. Lewis / April 18, 2016 /

It’s the year AD 50. Paul of Tarsus climbs the stone-carved steps of Mars Hill alone (not counting the gaggle of Greek thinkers pressing him forward). At the flattened crest of this colossal rock, a greater host of philosophers sit expectantly in a semi-circle, ready to hear Paul explain “this new teaching” from Judea of…

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