Steve Schoen

Live to game; game to live. Nominal Christian from birth; practicing Christian since 2002. I love to talk all things gaming, from console classics to Dungeons & Dragons.

Review: Adventures of Dino Riki (NES)

By Steve Schoen / February 27, 2015 /

Developer: Hudson Soft Publisher: Hudson Soft Platform(s): Nintendo Entertainment System Price: $4.00-$50.00 Release Date: September 1989 Adventures of Dino Riki was my first foray into the world of vertical/overhead shooting games. The backdrop for this game is far from typical. You have neither a vehicle such as a tank or a spaceship, nor do you…

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BossOver: Chaos VS. Link – Part I

By Steve Schoen / February 2, 2015 /

Video game villains can be just as memorable as video game heroes. In some cases, the main antagonist’s popularity can seem to be even greater than that of the main protagonist’s. However, in almost every game, the villain is fated to lose in the climactic battle. Worse yet, they always seem to lose on their…

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The Ten Most Outstanding Swords of Gamedom

By Steve Schoen / January 12, 2015 /

The sword is probably the most classic of the video game protagonist weapons. From the quintessential knight in shining armor to the plucky village boy turned savior of the cosmos, the sword dominates the fantasy landscape and has a respectable presence in other settings. There are many games in which the player acquires progressively better swords for their hero…

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Review: Dragon Age Inquisition (Xbox 360)

By Steve Schoen / December 3, 2014 /

Content Warning: Violence; Blood; Gore; Strong Language; Nudity; Sexual Content; Homosexuality; Spiritual Content. By Christian review, I have determined that Dragon Age Inquisition is absolutely not a game that young, impressionable Christians should play!   Story Dragon Age Inquisition takes place one year after the events of Dragon Age II, in the year 9:41 Dragon.…

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Ten Powerful Hymns That Will Stir Your Spirit

By Steve Schoen / November 6, 2014 /

Music is a huge part of life for virtually everyone. This is especially true for practicing Christians who regularly attend church. Music accompanies much of what is done during a Pentecostal Christian Church Service, which includes–but is not limited to–the collection, the opening processional, the children’s message, and the benediction. Of course, I highly doubt…

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