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Review: Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate

By Stephen Hall / October 26, 2017 /

Designer: Chris Dupuis, Mike Mearls Artist: Various Publisher: Wizards of the Coast/Avalon Hill Category: Exploration, Cooperative Play, Adventure Players: 3-6 Price: $46.98 Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate is the 2017 reworking of the classic board game Betrayal at House on the Hill. Once again published by Wizards of the Coast/ Avalon Hill, it features very…

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Review: Betrayal at House on the Hill

By Stephen Hall / October 25, 2017 /

Designer: Bruce Glassco Artist: Dennis McClain, Christopher Moeller, Peter Whitley Publisher: Wizards of the Coast Category: Adventure, Exploration, Horror Players: 3-6 Price: $31.79 Betrayal at House on the Hill is a semi-cooperative horror adventure game from Wizards of the Coast/Avalon Hill. Originally released in 2004, it was considered a “cult classic” board game for many years,…

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Review: Two Rooms and a Boom

By Stephen Hall / October 19, 2017 /

Designer: Alan Gerding and Sean McCoy Artist: Sean McCoy Publisher: Tuesday Knight Games Category: Social Deduction, Bluffing Players: 6-30 Price: $24.99, or available free as Print-and-Play! Content Guide The theme of Two Rooms and a Boom involves one player, the Bomber, trying to assassinate another player, the President. Several times throughout the game, a “hostage exchange”…

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Review: Nexus Ops

By Stephen Hall / October 13, 2017 /

Designer: Charlie Catino Artist: Various Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games Category: Area Control, Unit-to-Unit Combat Players: 2-4 Price: $69.99 Content Guide Nexus Ops contains no major objectionable content. The only potential issue is the titles of a few secret mission cards like “Roast ‘Em Alive,” “Death from Above,” and “Human Slayer.” These are concerning in name…

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Review: Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective

By Stephen Hall / October 12, 2017 /

Designer: Raymond Edwards, Suzanne Goldberg, Gary Grady Artist: Arnaud Demaegd Publisher: Asmodee, Space Cowboys Category: Deduction, Storytelling Players: 1-8 Price: $44.00 Content Guide In keeping with its theme, Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective deals with crimes, usually murders, that the players work to solve. The theme is pretty tame, but there are infrequent references to taverns,…

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