A lover of Jesus and of fantastical fiction, Silas Green talks books and Christian living on Geeks Under Grace. He spends the rest of his free time trying to write stories and exploring the paradise island in the Pacific on which he is stranded.

5 Children’s Stories with Deep Lessons for Grown-Ups

By silasgreen / June 1, 2015 /

Just because it’s found in the children’s section of the library doesn’t mean that it’s shallow. Some kids’ stories have serious themes and lessons for adults. Here are five of the best: 1. Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling Chances are you’ve read this one (or at least watched the movies). If you’re a grown-up you…

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FICTION SPOTLIGHT: The Quantum Fall of Thaddeus Archibald DuBois

By silasgreen / May 4, 2015 /

Fans of time-traveling fantasy adventure, here comes your new third-favorite character. His name is a mouthful: Thaddeus Archibald DuBois. He’s a Victorian hero sent through time (via giant crossbow) to give a young would-be hero his Call to Adventure. There are two basic kinds of science fiction stories. The first portrays a bleak, sterile world…

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6 Ways Christians are like Comic Book Heroes

By silasgreen / April 17, 2015 /

Believers in Jesus are called to be as heroic as their Savior. Here are six ways in which living the Christian life is like being a comic book hero: 1. You Have an Epic Destiny Some days, you might feel like an NPC. You know what I’m talking about: The “Non-Player Characters,” you encounter in…

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5 Novels That Will Change Your Life

By silasgreen / April 3, 2015 /

I believe firmly in the power of fiction. A book is an experience that can change you just as much as any other experience can. Here are five books that influence the way you look at the world, in no particular order…. 1. Winesburg, Ohio What it’s about: This is a series of short stories following the…

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5 End Times Beliefs that are Hurting Your Spiritual Walk

By silasgreen / February 25, 2015 /

We all have some concept of the approaching End Times. Maybe you’re a fan of the Left Behind books. Maybe you’re worried about Global Warming and what we’re doing to the environment. Maybe you are looking forward to the Rapture. Or maybe you just like watching The Walking Dead. No matter who you are, you…

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