A lover of Jesus and of fantastical fiction, Silas Green talks books and Christian living on Geeks Under Grace. He spends the rest of his free time trying to write stories and exploring the paradise island in the Pacific on which he is stranded.

Review: Whatever Happened to the Power of God?

By silasgreen / March 2, 2016 /

Author: Dr. Michael L. Brown Publisher: Destiny Image Genre: Christian Living Michael L. Brown’s book attempts to examine the disparity between the Biblical and historical outpourings of God’s supernatural power, and the apparent modern deficit of such large-scale miraculous demonstrations. He aims to show how God desires to move in a supernatural way among his…

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5 Books by C. S. Lewis You Should Read

By silasgreen / February 3, 2016 /

C. S. Lewis was a Christian apologist, theologian, and the writer of one of the greatest works of fantasy ever produced: The Chronicles of Narnia. But his non-Narnia books are full of intelligent arguments and powerful insight. Here are five that are definitely worth picking up and looking into.   1. Mere Christianity What it…

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Review: Wild

By silasgreen / November 5, 2015 /

Author: Cheryl Strayed Publisher: Vintage Books Genre: Memoir Rating: PG-13 Cheryl Strayed’s heartfelt memoir chronicles how grief tore her life apart, and how undertaking a journey on her own helped her start to put it back together again. Wild is a touching, sometimes humorous, often tragic look at a broken life attempting to heal itself.…

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The Importance of Simple Good-Versus-Evil Stories

By silasgreen / October 6, 2015 /

So I just finished the last book in a children’s series I’ve been reading. It was one of those popular books set in a fantasy world with magic, witches, and princesses. Sizzling spells, epic battles, Good versus Evil, that kind of thing. And even though the author tried to spice things up by deconstructing our…

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Review: The School for Good and Evil: the Last Ever After

By silasgreen / September 19, 2015 /

Author: Soman Chainani Publisher: HarperCollins Genre: YA fantasy Storyline It’s all been leading to this. Since the beginning of the series, Sophie and Agatha have been pulled apart by their natures, one to Good, the other to Evil. Trying to hold onto their deep friendship throughout has left both of them wounded. Each of the…

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