An eccentric adventurer and writer, Sarah has done everything from American Idol to Professional Wrestling. Having been a gamer all of her life, she has a lot to say about the subject and hopes to give her knowledge to others.

A Purpose-Filled Life Vs. An Epic Life

By Morgue / July 9, 2023 /
A pencil and eraser next to a paper with a question mark

Whether opening a taco truck or becoming a self-help guru, we are all connected in God’s plan.

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How to Master Leadership in the Gaming World

By Morgue / June 12, 2023 /
A man sits at a gaming PC with headphones on

Here are some steps to help you find people with leadership traits, as well as hone them in yourself.

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Finding Courage in the Face of Uncertainty

By Morgue / May 27, 2023 /

Personal calamity will always arise. In this, know you are not alone.

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Converting Religious Limerence Into True Love

By Morgue / May 15, 2023 /

While God’s gifts show He cares, it’s in His presence, not His “presents,” that shows a loving relationship.

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Diplomacy in Gaming

By Morgue / April 27, 2023 /

Learn how to use diplomacy in gaming to improve your skills and interactions with other players.

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