An eccentric adventurer and writer, Sarah has done everything from American Idol to Professional Wrestling. Having been a gamer all of her life, she has a lot to say about the subject and hopes to give her knowledge to others.

Why It’s Okay to Feel Okay

By Morgue / May 3, 2024 /

Grief is brutal, but not getting deep into it and even feeling peace about it is an alien feeling.

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The Mosaic of the Church

By Morgue / January 3, 2024 /

We are all contributing to a divine work where glimpses of a finished masterpiece emerge through love and community.

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Do Not Fear: Rediscovering True Christian Love

By Morgue / October 27, 2023 /

Unmask “Christian clickbait” and discover how perfect love, not fear, should lead your faith journey.

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Blood and Faith

By Morgue / September 3, 2023 /

You are not cargo. You are the captain of this ship, and good in the eyes of God.

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Fixing the World

By Morgue / July 20, 2023 /
Person holding a globe

Fixing the world is a grand task, but never underestimate the momentum a single step in the right direction can create.

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