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Review: Insurgency (PC)

By Drew Koehler / December 11, 2015 /

Developer: New World Interactive Publisher: New World Interactive Genre: FPS Price: $14.99 ESRB: RP With blockbuster AAA titles like Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Halo possessing advertising budgets equal to that of the GDP of a small country, you could be forgiven for not having heard of Insurgency, an unassuming indie title that has earned an impressive…

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Review: Rise of the Tomb Raider

By Drew Koehler / November 9, 2015 /

Developer: Crystal Dynamics Publisher: Square Enix ESRB: M  Price: $59.99      We meet up with Lara Croft one year from the ending of Tomb Raider. She is now well established and a bit more seasoned after her previous adventure and is about her father’s business as she attempts to prove he wasn’t a lunatic. With…

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Review: Halo 5—Guardians (Xbox One)

By Drew Koehler / October 26, 2015 /

Developer: 343 Studios Publisher: Microsoft ESRB: T – Teen Price: $59.99 (core version)           Master Chief is missing and declared KIA. Doctor Halsey is held captive and Spartan Locke is on the search for both. Halo 5 Guardians continues the epic story where Halo 4 left off. It’s time to buckle…

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Christians and Halloween

By Drew Koehler / October 23, 2015 /

[This article was originally written for TheDirtyChristian.com] The topic of Christians celebrating Halloween has been long debated. There are those who feel like Halloween is a demonic holiday meant to celebrate the dead and spirits that are ungodly. There is good reason for this thinking as the Bible gives us clear guidance that there is…

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God Has Been Back To The Future

By Drew Koehler / October 21, 2015 /

In Back to the Future Marty McFly goes on a journey through time to try and change the condition of the present. In other iterations he goes into the future and then into the far past. Each attempt trying to change something to result in a better present situation. Each time he did this he changed…

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