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Christian Memes and Destroying All Things

By Drew Koehler / August 9, 2017 /

Christians certainly have a way with taking something mostly neutral and turning it into something “religious.” We have never been content with just coming up with our own ideas; instead we “Christianize” so many other ideas. From taking secular holidays and adapting them to a Christian backstory during the early years of the church, to…

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Review: Lethal VR (PS VR)

By Drew Koehler / January 2, 2017 /

Developer: Team 17 Publisher: Team 17 Digital Genre: Action Platforms: PlayStation VR Rating: T Price: $14.99 Have you ever dreamed about being a secret agent, but only wanted to experience the training and not the actual leg work? Then Lethal VR is the game for you! Enjoy 30 rounds of weapons training, coupled with quick-draw shooting…

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Review: Robinson—The Journey (PS VR)

By Drew Koehler / December 5, 2016 /

Developer: Crytek Publisher: Crytek Genre: Adventure, Puzzle Platform: Playstation VR Rating: E for Everyone Price: $59.99 Robinson: The Journey is Crytek’s first project for the Playstation VR. With its beautiful, immersive environments and intriguing story, this game should be considered a staple for every VR user. It’s not without its share of problems, though. Repetitive challenges, near-impossible…

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Review: Weeping Doll (PS VR)

By Drew Koehler / November 14, 2016 /

Developer: TianShe Media Publisher: Oasis Games Platform: PlayStation 4 (PS VR) Genre: Puzzle/Horror Rating: T Price: $7.99     With the release of the Playstation VR many people are excited to get their “scare” on with the release of game titles in the Horror genre. Unfortunately, you will have to pass on Weeping Doll if…

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Review: Assault Android Cactus (PS4)

By Drew Koehler / March 11, 2016 /

Developer: Witchbeam Publisher: Witchbeam Genre: 2 Stick Shooter ESRB: E for everyone Price: $14.99   Assault Android Cactus (AAC) is an arcade two-stick-shooter in the the vein of Robotron or Geometry Wars. Choose your Android and shoot your way through chaotic levels against robot villains that come out of every corner of the screen. Content Guide There is violence in…

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