Nathan Kiehn

Nathan has loved comic books and graphic novels for as long as he can remember, ever since his father handed him a digest sized volume of "Marvel Age: Spider-Man." He's dedicated a lot of time and effort to exploring the far reaches of the Spider-Verse, but he's also been known to dive into other corners of the Marvel Universe and maybe even stuck his nose in a Batman story arc or two (just don't tell Spidey).

Review – The Ultimates

By Nathan Kiehn / June 15, 2021 /

This alternate version of the Avengers provides a fascinating counterbalance to the MCU, even if the characters feel fouler and less heroic.

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Review – Chronicles of Faith: David the Shepherd

By Nathan Kiehn / April 20, 2021 /

Ivan Anaya’s new biblical comic book series starts off promising with a look into the early years of shepherd-turned-king David.

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Review – Jim Henson: The Biography

By Nathan Kiehn / February 16, 2021 /
Jim Henson, Frank Oz, Richard Hunt

Jim Henson: The Biography is a beautiful examination of the life and mind of one of the most creative men of the 20th Century.

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Review – DC: The New Frontier

By Nathan Kiehn / January 17, 2021 /
Heroes gathered

Darwyn Cooke’s DC: The New Frontier is a spellbinding view of the past, hindered only slightly by some careless word choices and dark tones.

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Review – Wolverine: Old Man Logan

By Nathan Kiehn / December 20, 2020 /
Old Man Logan Banner

Even though it heads into decidedly violent territory, Old Man Logan is a fascinating look at a broken superhero striving to regain his humanity.

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