Nathan Kiehn

Nathan has loved comic books and graphic novels for as long as he can remember, ever since his father handed him a digest sized volume of "Marvel Age: Spider-Man." He's dedicated a lot of time and effort to exploring the far reaches of the Spider-Verse, but he's also been known to dive into other corners of the Marvel Universe and maybe even stuck his nose in a Batman story arc or two (just don't tell Spidey).

Review – Thor: The Saga of Gorr the God Butcher

By Nathan Kiehn / October 4, 2022 /
Thor and Gorr fight

With Gorr’s saga, Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic provide a powerful, philosophical narrative filled with deicide, time travel, and hammers

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Review – The Postmodern Pilgrim’s Progress

By Nathan Kiehn / August 9, 2022 /

Kyle Mann and Joel Berry provide an enthusiastic and entertaining allegorical text with a strong, sometimes blunt, message.

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Review – Doctor Strange: The Oath

By Nathan Kiehn / June 28, 2022 /

From both narrative and visual angles, The Oath is one of the strongest, if not strangest, stories ever told of the Master of the Mystic Arts

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Review – The Junction

By Nathan Kiehn / April 10, 2022 /
Junction Banner

Norm Konyu’s supernatural mystery explores the disappearance and return of its main character in a genuinely touching and compelling manner.

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Review – The Eternals by Neil Gaiman

By Nathan Kiehn / February 15, 2022 /
The Eternals

Neil Gaiman’s take on Jack Kirby’s classic characters is a somewhat frustrating examination of humanity’s relationship with the divine.

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