Nathan Kiehn

Nathan has loved comic books and graphic novels for as long as he can remember, ever since his father handed him a digest sized volume of "Marvel Age: Spider-Man." He's dedicated a lot of time and effort to exploring the far reaches of the Spider-Verse, but he's also been known to dive into other corners of the Marvel Universe and maybe even stuck his nose in a Batman story arc or two (just don't tell Spidey).

Review – God Country

By Nathan Kiehn / August 29, 2023 /

This Image Comic series tells a moving tale which combines the struggle of caring for an aging parent with mythical mayhem.

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Review – Flashpoint

By Nathan Kiehn / June 20, 2023 /
Flash and Reverse Flash on Banner

Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert’s series may only skirt the edges of an engaging alternate dimension but still tells a decisively powerful Barry Allen story.

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Review – Pride of Baghdad

By Nathan Kiehn / May 4, 2023 /
Lions come across Victory Arch

Through four different sets of eyes, readers follow the devastation of war and the search for peace when the familiar is disrupted.

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Review – Invincible series

By Nathan Kiehn / March 2, 2023 /

Invincible is a powerful coming-of-age superhero series with strong characterization and world-building balancing out the violence

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Review – Batman: Earth One Trilogy

By Nathan Kiehn / January 24, 2023 /

Batman: Earth One depicts Bruce’s earliest crime-fighting days in an alternate continuity with a grounded feel.

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