Mike Pyatt

Michael Pyatt Jr is a young, laid back, Christian from Washington, DC. His pleasures in life include his family, friends, his church, and spending time with God. While Michael seems to have a lot of knowledge in a lot of areas, the two areas where he shows the most passion is music, and sports. When he's not focusing on work, and studying IT at the University of the District of Columbia, he likes producing musical tracks. While his music may be mainly hip-hop, he doesn't mind creating other types of music.


By Mike Pyatt / November 13, 2014 /

Rapper Alex Faith sang the song titled “M for Murder”. This piece featured two additional rappers, Dre Murray, someone I was extremely familiar with, and Martymar, someone I’ve never heard of. This new rapper had the opening verse of the song… he delivered. However, it was weird; he was weird. He talked about things that…

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Five Christian Rappers That You Need To Know

By Mike Pyatt / October 16, 2014 /

A lot of you out there probably don’t know any Christian rappers. Shame on you! Comedy aside, I know this is a small genre, but it’s also a growing genre. If you have heard of some rappers, I’m pretty sure they were Lecrae, Andy Mineo, Trip Lee, KB, and/or Tedashii, since they are the five artists of…

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System Shutdown: Lecrae Tops Billboard Charts; Performs On The Tonight Show

By Mike Pyatt / September 21, 2014 /

For the last couple of years, the Christian Rap genre has been in a movement. The artists felt like their genre wasn’t getting the respect it deserved. So instead of staying quiet and waiting for it to come, they decided to let their talents force people to notice. All summer long, Lecrae as well as…

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Review: Madden NFL 15 (XBOX ONE)

By Mike Pyatt / September 1, 2014 /

I’ve been playing Madden Football since I can remember. The first system I played it on was the Genesis. I remember the cartridge. It was the tall cartridge with the green background with the words All-Madden Football on it. I used to love playing with my favorite team, Washington. Back then they only had Washington……

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Review: Well Wishes

By Mike Pyatt / August 16, 2014 /

You will probably NEVER see me rate an album as a perfect 10 again. I like to review albums with an open mind, and I am very stingy with my scores. So if you see me rate an album with a rating of anything over 8, it means I REALLY liked the album. However, my…

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