Mike Pyatt

Michael Pyatt Jr is a young, laid back, Christian from Washington, DC. His pleasures in life include his family, friends, his church, and spending time with God. While Michael seems to have a lot of knowledge in a lot of areas, the two areas where he shows the most passion is music, and sports. When he's not focusing on work, and studying IT at the University of the District of Columbia, he likes producing musical tracks. While his music may be mainly hip-hop, he doesn't mind creating other types of music.

Beat Breaker: “What You Mean?” by Flame and Fedel

By Mike Pyatt / August 21, 2015 /

Song Title: What You Mean Artist: Flame and Fedel Album: Clear Sight Music Presents: Jesus or Nothing Label: Clear Sight Music Genre: Rap Time: 3:56 Content Warning: Even though this is a Christian rap song, it contains some metaphors about violence. When used in its contextual meaning, it’s fine. Out of context however, it could…

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Beat Breaker: “Doomsday” by Atreyu

By Mike Pyatt / July 8, 2015 /

Song Title: Doomsday Artist: Atreyu Album: Lead Sails Paper Anchor Label: Hollywood/Roadrunner Genre: Alternative Metal/Hard Rock Time: 3:10 Content Warning: This song contains colorful language that isn’t good for the little ones, as well as some color phrases that they probably shouldn’t hear. Not every Beat Breaker we do will look at Christian oriented songs, since I believe we…

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Wrestling Legend Dusty Rhodes Passes

By Mike Pyatt / June 11, 2015 /

According to a tweet sent out by World Wrestling Entertainment, wrestling legend Dusty Rhodes, real name Virgil Runnels, has passed away at the age of 69. Dusty with his sons in WWE Dusty Rhodes was last seen on WWE Television earlier in 2015 when he tried to get his on-screen, and real life, sons Goldust, and…

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Beat Breaker: “Fearless” by For Today

By Mike Pyatt / June 3, 2015 /

Song Title: Fearless Artist: For Today Album: Immortal Label: Razor & Tie Genre: Metalcore Time: 3:47 Real talk—metalcore is not my cup of tea. Sure, I listen to it now and then… but only to keep up with the scene. If it wasn’t such a popular genre, I probably wouldn’t listen to it at all. However, it…

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The long awaited showdown of the Green Power Ranger vs Ryu

By Mike Pyatt / May 5, 2015 /

The most anticipated battle so far in Bat In The Sun’s Super Power Beat Down series was released earlier today. An epic battle between Might Morphin’ Power Ranger’s Green Ranger and Street Fighter’s Ryu. The Super Power Beat Down series puts various legendary characters, from different series against one another. They let the fans vote…

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