Matt Cronn

Matt is a big proponent of games that tell deep stories. Mass Effect and Persona are of particular interest to him. #putyourloveglasseson

Video Game Music You Should Be Listening To

By Matt Cronn / April 1, 2018 /

Some pieces of video game music are iconic. Even non-gamers will likely recognize the Super Mario theme or The Legend of Zelda overworld music. Music is probably one of the most under appreciated aspect of video games though. Non-gamers are often surprised when I tell them the music I’m listening to while reading is from a…

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Let’s Talk Character Creators

By Matt Cronn / March 25, 2018 /

One of the biggest hooks a game can have to draw me in, is a character creator. I really appreciate games that offer a lot of choices in them and having a character creator is a huge step in that direction, even if the story is fairly linear. It allows the player a very tangible…

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DmC and the Female Gaze

By Matt Cronn / March 11, 2018 /

Much has been discussed regarding the treatment of women in video games. Anita Sarkeesian infamously did an entire video series on this topic. While many people took issue with information she presented, it is undeniable that video games have largely not been very kind to women. It is not difficult to find a video game in…

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Character Spotlight: Jack (Mass Effect Series)

By Matt Cronn / February 24, 2018 /

Bioware is known for writing characters with a great amount of depth to them. From Mass Effect to Dragon Age to Star Wars, their games have always been made or broken by their characters. This is one of the reasons the original Mass Effect trilogy excelled despite the overall plot seeming a bit generic sci-fi…

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The Black Emporium: Why Dragon Age II is the Best in the Series

By Matt Cronn / January 29, 2018 /

I would argue that in the case of the Mass Effect Trilogy, each game improved upon the last one in the series. Mass Effect 2 was a huge leap from the original, making the combat more fluid and simplifying many of the more obtuse RPG elements. Mass Effect 3 then took those changes and refined…

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